City of Pembina, ND

Oldest Settlement in the Dakota Territories

January 9th, 2023 Minutes

City Council Meeting

Date: January 9th, 2023, at 6:00pm

Location: Professional Building

Present: Mayor Mike Fitzgerald, Connor Snitker, Ken Norby, Allen Huttunen, Renee Thomas, Pat Burton,

Absent: Jeff Watts

Guests: Debi Stainbrook, Greg Koropatnicki, Rob Fleming, Brad Bail, Brenda Masloski, Phil Hall, Ben Kneeshaw,  Lyndi Needham



Changes to Agenda: Add hose for Crisafulli pump to New Business, add grinder station on west side to New Business, add training under Employee Reports. Motion to accept changes by Burton, seconded by Thomas. All ayes present. Motion carries.

Approval/Changes to Decembers Minutes. Motion to approve minutes by Burton, seconded by Thomas. All ayes present. Motion carries.


Old Business                 

Garbage truck/rates – There will be a meeting at Valley landfill to elect board members and officials. Mike received an email stating Mona will be stepping down as clerk February 1st.


Allen Huttunen phones in at 6:05PM. Call is dropped and back on at 6:16PM. Connor Snitker arrives at 6:10PM.


Lagoon - Purchase of new land – Brad Bail will talk to surveyor about property. Gary would like it to be on the north side of the lagoon.

Generator – quote needed - Tabled

Water meter readers - Tabled

Street repairs - Tabled

Masloski’s lot - Tabled

Weight Limit Signs - Tabled

House Condemnations – 422 N 5th St – Owner will be deeding the property over to the city. The city will need to get an asbestos inspection.

Auditor job – interviewed 3 candidates. Would like to offer Sherri Carattini the position. Hours will be 8am – 4:30pm with a half-hour lunch. Motion to approve $43,000/year salary with health insurance rebate (up to $400/month), and NDPERS benefit by Snitker, seconded by Thomas. All ayes present. Motion carries. Also thanked Debi for her continued help.


Committee Reports

Fire Department – no update

Rec Board  - Next meeting is January 25th at 6:30PM to set goals.


Employees Report/Concerns

Meter reading – Korpat will do whatever he can to get to meters in the winter, but there will be a time and place where he can’t get to them. If we cannot get ahold of the resident to read the meter in the house, at that point their water will be estimated.

Training – at the end of the month, Korpat will attend a 3-day training event in Bismarck to receive 8 credits.


Engineer Report/Brad Bail – Brad had paperwork for the Clean Water State Revolving Fund so Pembina is back on the list. Brad would like to take an aerial photo of the city. Will get a quote for that. Also working on the alley project over the winter.

Attorney Update – no updates

Update & Business: Mayor – no updates

Update & Business: City Auditor/ Debi Stainbrook

January Bills & Financials – Motion to approve financials by Burton, seconded by Norby. All ayes present. Motion carries.


New Business

Public Health using Community Center – Motion to allow them to use the facility for free by Huttunen, seconded by Snitker. All ayes present. Motion carries

Hose for Crisafulli – We need 50 feet for sure. Tabled.

Grinder station on the west side – Discussion about pump. ND sewage and pumps will be up here, Korpat will ask them their thoughts as they have a tendency to freeze up.


Adjournment – Motion to adjourn at 7:13PM by Norby.


By: Mayor, Mike Fitzgerald                                                                                  

Attested to: Debi Stainbrook, City Auditor



The next city council meeting will be held on February 13th, 2023, at 6:00pm in the Professional building.