City of Pembina, ND

Oldest Settlement in the Dakota Territories

August 2014 Minutes


City of Pembina

Pembina, North Dakota 58271

152 W. Rolette St.

Official Minutes August 11th, 2014 City Council Meeting



Council Members Present: Mayor Kyle Dorion; Council – Corie Koropatnicki, Greg Wilmer, Allen Huttunen, Greg Truax, Ron Fritz  and Dan Waldrop


City Employees Present: Auditor Nancy Thompson, PWS Gary Helland

City Attorney: Rob Fleming.

City Engineer:  Brad Bail. & Nate Dalager w/ HDR


  • Others Present: Charlie & Pat Hart representing Fort Pembina Historical Society, John Feldman, Tom & Brenda Masloski and Josh Harder with Up North builders the contractor for the Levee wall project.



Public Portion

  • Tom & Brenda Masloski –Here with estimate for parking lot that Council requested.
  • Fort Pembina Historical Society - Here at the request of the Council to discuss the letter that was sent last month.
  • Regular Meeting:  Called to order by Mayor Dorion at 6:10 p.m.


  1. Changes / Addition Made Agenda:      

    Motion by Waldrop second by Huttunen to accept changes / additions to agenda. - Ayes by all present.


  2. Approval/ Changes March Minutes:

      Motion by Waldrop second by Wilmer to approve the July minutes and June 24th with changes  

       Ayes by all present.


3. Old Business:

  • Levee Council discussed with Nate Dalager the levee project. )Motion by Wilmer second by Fritz to approve contractor’s application for payment estimate #1  and change order #2 on FloodwallRehabilitation project. Motion carries.
  • Bret Corneliusen – Council directed Rob to start the condemning process on his house. - keep on old business
  • Coin operated Water Station- Still being worked on.- keep on old business
  • Fed Ex Sewer hookup -This is being worked on. - keep on old business
  • Spot Bar –City has purchased this property and will discuss at August meeting what to do with it.
  • Ernie Ruet D’auetuil – The garage located on his property on 3rd needs to be tore down and hauled out. Kyle Twamley would like the cars in there taken care of before he does anything. Council discussed removing the cars.  Motion by Wilmer second by Waldrop to have city remove the cars Ayes, Fritz, Wilmer, Truax and Waldrop Nays: Koropatnicki and Huttunen. Motion carried. 

       Keep on old business



4. Engineer Report/Brad Bail:

  • Water/Sewer project – On hold till Masloski parking lot is settled.



5. Attorney Update: Masloski Parking lot

  • Masloski Parking lot Tom brought in estimate for his parking lot that the Council asked for at August meeting .The mobilization cost on the estimate were high . Minn-Dak is coming to MCI to do some work. Truax and Nancy will work together on this on contacting Minn-Dak about the mobilization cost.


  • Bret Corneliusen – Council directed Rob to start the condemning process on his house. Motions by Wilmer second by Huttunen to start the condemning process on Bret Corneliusen house.Ayes by all present. Motion carried. 





  • Website- Rob let the council know that Koropatnicki had contacted him on Tina Dorion being hired to update the city website .Rob informed Council that he contacted both the Mayor and Auditor to see exactly what was going on. He then contacted Koropatnicki and informed her that Tina was contacted by the Auditor not the Mayor on keeping the website updated. He also let her know that she was not hired she contracted as and independent serve for this by the Auditor. The Auditor was directed back in Sept 2013 minutes to find some to keep the website updated. . Motions by Fritz to ratify contracting Tina Dorion to keep the website updated as a independent contractor for this second by Waldrop. Ayes by all present. Motion carried. 


  • Parcel pickups- Koropatnicki was wondering on some kind of fee on these businesses .She read in the old minutes that this was discussed. The City can tax or require a license with a yearly fee on Parcel pickups. Discussion was had and a letter will be sent out asking the Parcel owners to attend Sept meeting on a possible fee.


  • Brownfield- This program is to take contaminated or potentially contaminated underdeveloped, unproductive property and convert it into productive real estate.  Brownfield sites are defined as abandoned, idled or underused industrial or commercial properties whose redevelopment is complicated by real or perceived environmental contamination. They must be owned by the city to qualify for grant monies from this program to do anything. Koropatnicki went to a seminar on this back in July and was wondering if the city can do something on these kinds of properties in town that city doesn’t own. Rob let her know that if the building isn’t breaking the city ordinance then there’s nothing the city can do.


  • NDDES letter – Discussed letter sent from them (see attachment) on Deed Restricted Property Compliance /Open Space Certification. The properties are from the 97 buyout properties in S. PE.



6. Employees Report/Concerns –


  • Water Smith / Walker pump house – Water smith will be here in Aug / Sept to look over the automatic oilers.
  • Lift station- Hughes was up to do yearly maintenance agreement on lift station. The west ABS pump needs to be pulled and looked at to see if something’s wrong it’s making a noise. Motions by Wilmer second by Waldrop to have Hugh fix the west ABS pump. Ayes by all present. Motion carried. 
  • Drainage issues – Fritz looked at the properties from last month that was having draining issues.
  • Misc items - Gary discussed the following with Council hazard material bins and prices. He will get prices for bins for Sept meeting. Locks on city building have been changed .Fired Department has agreed to help flush hydrants two times a year and if any repairs are needed they will let Gary know. The fire extinguish are all updated. Meter pit had water in it so he pumped it out .Batwings down John Deere is coming to get it so it can get fixed. Mosquito spray is running low a 55 gallon drum is 10,000. There is 7 gallons left. He can order it in 2.5 gallons also it just cost a little more .Council told him to order the 2.5 gallons to get through the rest of the spraying season this year.


  • Hourly wage - Auditor Thompson discussed with Council wanting an hourly pay increase for herself. Motions by Fritz second by Waldrop to increase Nancy hourly rate by $ 1.57 hour. Ayes, Fritz, Wilmer, Truax and Waldrop .Nays: Koropatnicki and Huttunen. Motion carried.



7. Update & Business: Mayor

  • Correspondence –  Mayor had a letter from Small Business Development Center .Nancy let Council  know the city use to give $500.00 a year to them but hasn’t for the past few years .The money they ask for goes up every year .


8 Update & Business: City Auditor/ Nancy Thompson

  • July 2014 Financials - financials reviewed and approved.
  • August 2014 bills bills reviewed and approved



9. Committee Reports:

  • Personnel Committee -Discussed PW part –time position and went over application and that Gary needs help special with Austin being done the end of the  week of Aug 18th . Motions by Waldrop second by Koropatnicki to hire Lyle Ladoucer for the PW part-time position on an interim basis. Ayes, Huttunen, Koropatnicki, Truax and Waldrop .Nays: Wilmer and Fritz. Motion carried. Council wants to keep advertising for a part-time Public works employee.  









10. New Business:

  • New business incentives  Koropatnicki was wondering what the city could offer new business. Council told her to come up with something and bring it back to them.
  • 2001 Strategic Plan-This was Pembina County not the city.


11. Adjournment: Motion by Fritz to adjourn at 9:10 p.m.




                                                      By: ___________________________________

                                                               Mayor, Kyle Dorion  





Attested to:  _________________________________  


                  Nancy Thompson, Auditor/Administrator