City of Pembina, ND

Oldest Settlement in the Dakota Territories

City of Pembina

Pembina, North Dakota 58271

Minutes of November 1, 2004 Council Meeting

Attendance: Beverly Burke, Richard Senum, Nancy Thompson, John Feldman, Kyle Dorion, Pat Burton, Mayor Warren Hillukka. Absent: none

Present: K. Johnson, Aud./Adm.; Attorney Daniel Gaustad, Pearson & Christensen    Others Present: Dan Johnson of WSN, Ken Norby

Public Hearing called to order at 7:00 by Mayor Hillukka.

· No one present for public hearing

Regular Meeting called to order at 7:05

1. Changes to agenda – feral cats

2. Motion by Senum, second by Burke, to approve October minutes as printed. Motion carried unanimously.

3. City Attorney Update: a) MCI grant and conveyance nearly complete. b) "Title opinions" for South Pembina furnished were pre-final. Finals are needed to satisfy FEMA. c) Ordinance 2004-2 presented creating a special fund to be used exclusively for mosquito control. Upon reading and amending the ordinance, motion was made by Feldman, seconded by Dorion, to approve the first reading. Motion carried unanimously. d) No response yet from Attorney General on golf course question.

4. Employee Report: a) Review of staff and auditor goals/priority lists. b) D. Johnson, WSN, reported on the ditch issue along rail road bed north sides of Division & Hayden Streets. See attached. Motion by Feldman, second by Senum, to purchase a laser level, spending up to $500 for city use. Motion carried unanimously. c) Motion by Dorion, second by Thompson, to approve an application for Transportation Enhancement Grant funds for building a bike path between the museum and the border, following former highway 81. Motion carried unanimously.

5. Mayor’s Update: a) Auditor presented pay-off amounts for S. Pembina buy-out properties. As the intent of Reserve II (as adopted in March of 2000) was to avoid an increase in taxes for city residents because of properties involved in the buy-out, it was suggested that this intention be accomplished. Motion by Senum, second Feldman, to pay off buy-out property specials, a total of $34,356.15. Roll call: Aye votes: Burton, Feldman, Dorion, Senum, Thompson, Burke. Nay votes: none. Motion carried. b) Proposal by Gary Symington to haul compost waste for the city was tabled. Motion by Feldman, second by Burton, to accept the NE Dakota Contracting bid of $2,557.50 for paving of the recycling area. Motion carried unanimously. c) Need to move forward with a TIF district for the motel. Attorney will review this. e) Reviewed correspondence re: Santa Day parade in Cavalier and properties for sale by county.

6. Auditor’s Report: a) October financials and bills to be paid reviewed & approved. b) Budget items reviewed.

7. Committee Reports: a) Recreation – no meeting held.

b) Growth – report filed.

8. Motion to adjourn by Burke at 8:40 p.m.

By: Warren Hillukka, Mayor

Attested to: K. Johnson, City Aud/Adm