City of Pembina, ND

Oldest Settlement in the Dakota Territories

Minutes of July 3, 2006 City Council Meeting

Attendance: Council: Richard Senum, Beverly Burke, John Feldman, Kyle Dorion, Debbie Stanhope. Absent: Mayor Warren Hillukka, Nancy Thompson

Present: City Attorney Neil Fleming

Others Present: Ken Norby, Shelli Rude

Regular Meeting called to order by President John Feldman

1. Changes made to agenda – Bid for mower from Pat. B. Motion by Senum second by Dorion to accept changes to agenda. Motion carried

2. Motion by Senum, second by Burke to approve June minutes as printed. Motion carried unanimously.

3. City Attorney Update: a) No word from Gaustad on buy-out. b) Contract with border station for water/sewer is expired this year. The contract is up for renewal & this is the time that we should make any changes. Recommends the new contract state that GSA will install a new meter & pay for it.   c) Fleming to check on Bond for city Auditor. d) Fleming, Larry W., Ken N. & Ron M. to go to Winnipeg on July 13 to discuss the lawsuit. e) Upon second reading, motion by Dorion, second by Senum, to pass forestry ordinance. Motion carried.

4. Employee Report: a) Goals/priorities reviewed. b) Ken reports that there is a lot of sloughing on the N. dike in S. Pembina. Ralph says about $2,000 to move dike 50 to 75 feet in. The monument will be taken down. Motion by Senum, second by Dorion to have Ralph do the work. 100 % voting aye.

c) USACE states monitor the main dike. Watersmith up to check pump at Walker’s. He recommends pulling one pump for further study. $1,300 for labor alone. The Corps knows that are pumps are undersized. Motion by Burke, second by Senum to have the pump pulled & checked out. 100 % voting aye. d) Street sweeper-- will cost $3,000 to $5,000 to do the maintenance. Ken to check on how much a new sweeper will cost. The original sweeper was bought new in 1996.

5. Mayoral Update: None

6. Aud./Admin. Update: a) June financials and July bills reviewed. Council would like to see more in the memo part on the money market. Questioned DW Contracting bill; would like a new bill submitted with a breakdown of the charges. Motion by Dorion, second by Stanhope, to pay bills minus the DW contractor bill. 100 % voting aye. b) Water Audit – High priority for staff to get all meters replaced that are not working.

7. Committee Reports: a) Planning Zoning – None b) Rec. Bd. –The Health Dept. has given us until Aug. 1 to correct problems. The fireworks need to be ordered, Brother Jukebox need to be contacted so we can get some posters to advertise the dance. The Legion also needs to be contacted about serving in the beer garden. c) Growth – none

8. Morrison’s 4200 mowing Tractor bid reviewed. Ken to get more information on mowers, snow removal & about moving the coin water.

9. Motion to adjourn at 8:30 p.m.

By: John Feldman, Presiding Officer

Attested to: Shelli Rude, Office Assistant