City of Pembina, ND

Oldest Settlement in the Dakota Territories

October 2012 Minutes

City of Pembina

Pembina, North Dakota 58271

152 W Rolette St.

Official Minutes October 8, 2012 City Council Meeting



Attendance:  Mayor Warren Hillukka, Bev Burke, Greg Truax, Daniel Waldrop


Absent:  John Feldman, Greg Wilmer, Deb Stanhope, Aud/Adm. Nancy Thompson


Present:  Attorney Neil Fleming, Engineers Dan Johnson and Brad Bail, PWS Ken Norby


Others Present:  Mr. and Mrs. Warren Griffith, Ron Fritz –Pembina Fire Department, Deb Weigel, and Kathy Lunde-Red River Regional Council


Public Portion:  Deb Weigel here to ask permission to clean up around her culvert.  Warren Griffith here regarding his garage on his property.  Ron Fritz here to discuss Fire Departments concerns on motocross track and items being dumped at pond.


Regular Meeting called to order at 6:25 pm.


  1. Changes to agenda:  Motion by Bev Burke 2nd by Greg Truax to accept changes to agenda.  Motion carries. 


  1. Motion by Bev Burke 2nd by Dan Waldrop to approve minutes from September 10th &17th 2012.  Motion carries.


  1. Old Business: 


Maps from engineer should be here next week.

New Mower:  Ken recommends taking out loan through bank so it can be paid in full and get government discount.  Have Nancy check with the bank about loan rates.  Ken will get more information about financing through John Deere

Drengson property:  Table until information can be verified.


  1. Engineer: 

Kathy Lunde here regarding the special assessment process. Need to review Conflict of Interest with the new council members/employees and also there are a few prior approved properties that no longer qualify and need to be removed.

Dan Johnson:  1) Spruce Valley is getting seeding and cleanup finished  2)Spruce did not submit this month for Request for Payment  3)  Need  to meet to resolve a couple issues  4) Change Order #9 formalized  5) Amendment to Engineer agreement formalized



  1. Attorney: Gave council a list of options regarding slow moving vehicles along with off road vehicles.  Recommends not allowing slow moving vehicles on city streets.  Get copy of options to missing council members and review them for discussion next month.  Reviewed options with the Griffith garage. No action was taken by Council on this.


  1. Employee Report/Concerns: 


Ken brought to councils attention the load limit signs are being taken down and/or vandalized.  Fleming stated could run ad informing of penalties.

January 30th Ken to go to Fargo for his spraying license.

Now on government contract for cell phones.  Received 3 new phones.

Sewer line on Cavalier Street has been fixed.

Twamley cleaned out drainage ditch by Catholic Church.

Would like Fire Department to burn the pile in South Pembina when possible.


  1.  Mayor Report:  New border patrol station was announced in the Grand Forks Herald.  Have not heard from Nate since last month.


  1. September financials reviewed and approved.  October bills reviewed and approved.


  1. Committee reports:


  1.   New Business:


Motion to adjorn by Bev Burke at 7:40 p.m.




                                                By: _____________________________

                                                       Mayor, Warren Hillukka



Attested to:  _____________________________

                      Lisa Plante