City of Pembina, ND

Oldest Settlement in the Dakota Territories

September 2012 Minutes

 City of Pembina

Pembina, North Dakota 58271

152 W. Rolette St.

Official Minutes September 10th, 2012 City Council Meeting



Attendance Council meeting: Mayor Warren Hillukka, Council Beverly Burke, John Feldman, Greg Truax,Greg Wilmer, Dan Waldrop and Debbie Stanhope.

Present: Attorney Neil Fleming, Aud. /Adm. Nancy Thompson, City Engineer Dan Johnson and Public works Ken Norby 


 Others Present: Craig Drengson Kathy Johnson, Noreen Hagness

Public Portion: Craig Drengson was here inquiring about a  piece of property behind his house in town and who owned it .Nancy well call County Auditor to find out .

Regular Meeting: Was called to order by Mayor Hillukka at 6:00 p.m.

2. Motion by Feldman second by Burke to approve August 13th minutes with changes. Ayes Stanhope, Truax, Waldrop, Burke and Feldman Nays: None Wilmer abstains .Motion carried.

3. Old Business: a) new mower and J&R waste water will be discussed later in the meeting during the preliminary budget portion.

4. City Engineer /Dan Johnson: a)Discussed water sewer project and unfinished punch list items Spruce still has. b) Reviewed Spruces Valley pay request #8 with Council. Motion by Feldman second by Burke to approve pay request #8 from Spruce Valley. Roll call vote ayes Stanhope, Wilmer, Truax, Waldrop, Burke and Feldman Nays: None .Motion carried.

5. Attorney: a)Discussed golf carts. Council directed Attorney to draft an ordinance on slow moving vehicles for Council to review at October’s meeting. b) The zoning committee recommends to the City Council that the following residential properties (see attachment) be redesigned as commercial. Wilmer seconds the committee’s recommendation. Roll call vote ayes Stanhope, Wilmer, Truax, Waldrop, Burke and Feldman Nays: None .Motion carried. c) Petition from Helen Moris for the vacation of streets and alleys in Gaffney and Kneeshaw’s addition (rodeo ground)presented.

6. Employee Report: a) Garbage rates are tabled until Valley Landfill has a meeting; then Council will review garbage rates.

 7. Mayor Update: a) update on Levee recertification.

  1. Aud. /Admin. Update:  a) August financials reviewed and approved b) September bills reviewed and approved.  c) Motion by Waldrop second by Wilmer to amend 2012 budget. Roll call vote ayes Stanhope, Wilmer, Truax, Waldrop, Burke and Feldman. Nays: None .Motion carried. d) Auditor and Council went through 2013 preliminary budget. Motion by Feldman second by Wilmer to purchase a new John deer mower and finance the mower through John Deer and make the yearly payment from the sales tax fund #230. Final budget meeting will be Sept 17that 7: 30 p.m.  e) Auditor will attend the North Dakota League of Cities conference this year and the office will be closed Sept 20, 21 for this reason. Council members Waldrop and Traux will be attending also.  f) Cole Int'l. will be leaving the professional building middle of October,  leaving four open office spaces to rent. Mayor Hillukka would like and ad put in paper for this.


  1. Committee Reports: a) Council will meet Monday September 17th starting at 6:45 pm to meet with City employees and go over their evaluations .Each employee has a set time they will come in for their evaluation.

10. Issues-New: none


Motion by Burke to adjourn at 8:25 p.m.




                                                By: ___________________________________

                                                           Mayor, Warren Hillukka 



Attested to:  _________________________________   


                  Nancy Thompson, Auditor/Administrator