City of Pembina, ND

Oldest Settlement in the Dakota Territories

December 2012 Minutes

City of Pembina

Pembina, North Dakota 58271

152 W. Rolette St.

Official Minutes December 10th, 2012 City Council Meeting


Attendance Council meeting: Mayor Warren Hillukka, Council Beverly Burke, John Feldman, Dan Waldrop, Debbie Stanhope ,Greg Wilmer and Greg Truax.

Present: Attorney Neil Fleming, Aud. /Adm. Nancy Thompson, City Engineer Dan Johnson and Public works Ken Norby 


 Others Present: Tom & Brenda Masloski, Gordon Johnson with North Valley Water and Nate Dalager with HDR Engineer.

Public Portion: Tom Masloski here about the sewer line on his business property that had to be replaced already by Spruce Valley. There is only a one year warranty on this sewer line and if something happens after that one year then it falls on him to have it fixed and pay for it. He would like to camera this line before the year is up to see if the line needs to be fixed. The City will have the line camera before Spruce Valley come in to fix the road and make sure the line is still good.

Gordon Johnson with North Valley Water was here about the City’s water purchase contract with them and increasing the water rate for 2013.

Nate Dalager with HDR Engineer was here with levee recertification update.

Regular Meeting: Was called to order by Mayor Hillukka at 7:10 p.m.

2. Motion by Burke second by Stanhope to approve November 13th minutes. Ayes Stanhope, Waldrop, Burke, Feldman, Wilmer and Truax Nays: None. Motion carried.

3. Old Business: a) City Attorney was directed to investigate the options available regarding regulations on parcel pickups.  b) Attorney discussed the unoccupied homes and buildings in town. If the Rob Neal property at 153 Hancock St is up for back taxes then the City will proceed to demolish it .If the property isn’t up on back taxes yet then the City will wait. Motion by Wilmer second by Waldrop to have City Attorney send another letter to Bret Corneliusen allowing him six more months to bring his house in compliance  with the building inspector report .If he has not brought his house to compliance within that time then the City will start with the condemning process of it . Ayes Stanhope, Waldrop, Burke, Wilmer and Truax Nays: Feldman. Motion carried.

 Motion by Feldman second by Wilmer to have both of Ernie Ruet D’Auteuil homes located at 273 W. Rolette St. and 272 W. Stutsman St. be condemned. Ayes Stanhope, Waldrop, Burke, Wilmer, Feldman and Truax Nays: none. Motion carried. Spot bar has already been condemned council discussed tearing it down they’ll wait on this. c) Motion by Feldman second by Stanhope to approve the 2013 water rate increase of 3% from North Valley Water. Ayes Waldrop, Burke Feldman, Wilmer, Truax and Stanhope. Nays: none.Motion carries.

4. City Engineer /Dan Johnson: a) Update on water /sewer project

5. Attorney: a) Motionby Feldman second by Wilmer to accept the resolution for vacation of Streets and Alley located in the Gaffney & Kneenhaw’s addition. (See attached resolution) Ayes Waldrop, Burke, Feldman, Wilmer, Truax and Stanhope. Nays: none.Motion carries.

 b) City Attorney was directed to seek Attorney Generals opinion regarding enforcement of City ordinances by Pembina County Sheriff’s department. c) City Attorney will draft slow moving vehicle ordinance for consideration at next month’s meeting.

6. Employee Report:  Nothing at this time

 7. Mayor Update: a) Motionby Feldman second by Wilmer to accept Barr Engineering and Environmental Consultant’s proposal for the Independent External Peer Review (IERP) for the Pembina Levee Recertification. Ayes Waldrop, Burke, Feldman, Wilmer, Truax and Stanhope. Nays: none.Motion carries. b) Update on new Border Patrol station. c) Verizon was in town looking at a private location for a new tower in town.

  1. Aud. /Admin. Update:  a) November financials reviewed and approved b) December bills and transfers reviewed and approved. 
  2. Committee Reports: Rec board had a good turnout for Santa day and turkey bingo.

10. New Business: No new business 

Motion by Burke to adjourn at 8:15 p.m.




                                                By: ___________________________________

                                                          Mayor, Warren Hillukka  



Attested to:  _________________________________   


                  Nancy Thompson, Auditor/Administrator