City of Pembina, ND

Oldest Settlement in the Dakota Territories

August 2012 Minutes

City of Pembina

Pembina, North Dakota 58271

152 W. Rolette St.

Official Minutes August 13th, 2012 City Council Meeting



Attendance Council meeting: Mayor Warren Hillukka, Council Beverly Burke, John Feldman, Greg Truax, Dan Waldrop and Debbie Stanhope.

Present: Attorney Neil Fleming, Aud. /Adm. Nancy Thompson, City Engineer Dan Johnson and Public works Ken Norby  

Absent: Greg Wilmer

 Others Present: Greg Koropatnicki, Blaine Eisenbeis Pembina County Sheriff’s Dept., Tom Masloski & Ed Penn

Public Portion:  Ed Penn was here to discuss his building permit with the Council. Tom Masloski here about spruce not putting his parking lot back to the way it was. A recommendation to Tom from City Engineer and Attorney is to file a claim against Spruces with their bonding company. Dan will give Tom the information he needs to file a claim with the bonding company.

Regular Meeting: Was called to order by Mayor Hillukka at 6:30 p.m.

2. Motion by Feldman second by Burke to approve July 13th minutes. All present ayes .Motion carried. 

3. Old Business: a) Blaine Eisenbeis here to go over the new yearly estimated cost for a deputy and why the dollar amount went up. b) Feldman let Council know the McCormick mower is constantly breaking down and having to be fixed .The City needs to look at getting a new mower since the McCormick is always breaking down and the John Deer is getting a lot of hours on it. Both these above items well be looked at during the preliminary budget meeting in September.

Meeting recessed at 6:55 p.m. Wayne O’Hara here about his building permit for his property on 3rd street and Stutsman. Meeting called back to order at 7:05 p.m.

4. City Engineer /Dan Johnson: a)Update water sewer project and that Spruce still has items left on punch list to finish up with. During the meeting with Spruce a few weeks back they offered to split the cost 50/50 for the sewer repairs. Motion by Feldman second by Waldrop

for the City to pay50 % of the cost for sewer repairs and Spruce Valley to cover the other 50% .

All present ayes. Motion carried. b) The City needs to look at amending the Engineer agreement for the increased Engineering and inspection fees on the water /sewer project. Then a request can be put into the State to amend the existing SRF loans to increase them to cover the additional fees. Motion by Feldman second by Waldrop to amend the Engineer agreement for the water /sewer project .All present ayes. Motion carried.

5. Attorney: a)Discussed State law on golf carts with council. The City ordinances can be more restrictive then State law but not less. b) Reminded Council they meet next Monday August 20th at 7:00 p.m. to hear any more appeals and confirm the special assessment list. c) Discussion was had on use of City equipment and who can or can’t use it other than City employees . Attorney will look into this and get back to Council on it. c) Reviewed the building sewer and connection   ordinance 7.305 and the fees for commercial, industrial and residential and the fees are higher for commercial and industrial.

6. Employee Report: a) Public works employees will order and put up cross walk sign by Mikes Hardware and D&K Grocery along with heavy and light duty traffic street signs. b) Ken let Council know that it’s time for the clear well to be inspected so this needs to be budget for.

 c) Ken discussed the exit at Gastrak where the black top keeps sinking in. City Engineer will look into what would be the best solution for fixing the sink spot and get the information to Ken. d) Feldman brought up getting water coolers for the city owned trucks that the public works employees use, so that on hot days the Public works employees have water on hand. Nancy well order two water coolers one for each truck and first aid kits. e) Meeting to go over evaluations and raises for employees is set for September 17th at 6:00 p.m. The preliminary budget will be done at the regular September meeting which is Monday September 10th at 6:00 p.m. f) The Professional building needs a janitor again . An ad was put in the paper and only one person applied.  Motion by Feldman second by Stanhope for City Auditor /Administrator to do the hiring from now on for the janitor position at the Professional Building. All present ayes. Motion carried.

 7. Mayor Update: a) update on new border patrol station and Levee recertification.

  1. Aud. /Admin. Update:  a) July financials reviewed and approved b) August bills reviewed and approved.  
  2.  Committee Reports: a) Motion by Waldrop second by Truax to approve Ed Penn’s building permit. All present ayes. Motion carried. b) The Zoning committee discussed with Council the zoning on Stutsman Street and how some of it is zoned industrial, commercial and residential and would like to zone the residential properties to commercial on all of Stutsman Street ,  half of block back on both sides of Street. Waldrop moved and Stanhope seconded that the council receive the zoning committee’s request to amend the zoning on Stutsman Street in accordance with the proposed map and directed the zoning commission to take the legal steps necessary to make their final report to the council in accordance with North Dakota Century Code. All present voted aye. Motion carried. (See attached map).




10. Issues-New: none



Motion by Burke to adjourn at 8:25 p.m.




                                                By: ___________________________________

                                                           Mayor, Warren Hillukka  



Attested to:  _________________________________         


                  Nancy Thompson, Auditor/Administrator