City of Pembina, ND

Oldest Settlement in the Dakota Territories

City of Pembina

Pembina, North Dakota 58271

Minutes of Nov. 3, 2003 City Council Meeting

Attendance: Council: Richard Senum, Beverly Burke, John Feldman, Jeff Carpenter, Larry Pelletier, Pat Burton, Mayor Warren Hillukka.

Present: City Attorney Neil Fleming, K. Johnson, Aud./Adm.

Others Present: Gary Helland, Ken Norby, Larry Thelen of ND Dept. of Health, Dan Johnson of WSN, Tom Hanson of WFW, Deputy Chris Benson, Kim and JR Long

Public Hearing called to order 7:05 P.M. by Mayor Warren Hillukka

1. Motion by Senum, second by Burton, to approve the abatement of the Long home as requested. Motion carried, 100 % voting aye.

2. L. Thelen, ND Dept. of Health, presented information about EPA rules coming into effect which apply to our surface water treatment system. Noted that a timetable for compliance would be needed before a variance could be granted.

3. T. Hanson – presented preliminary results of water treatment plant investigations. A final report will come sometime in December.

4. Benson – is investigating paintball incidents. Burke will give a computer for use in his Pembina office. Emergency gas for the patrol car was also authorized by the council.

Regular Meeting called to order at 7:45 by Mayor Warren Hillukka

1. Changes made to agenda – add Ditch issues, Health nuisance complaint, NDDOT flood plain request; delete Project Impact and S. Pembina taxes.

2. Motion by Feldman, second by Senum, to approve October minutes with corrections. Motion carried unanimously.

3. City Attorney Update: a) Trailer issue done except for final billing. b) FEMA paperwork sent to S. Simondson and FEMA. c) Recapped meeting with law firm in Winnipeg.

4. Employee Report: a) Goals/priorities reviewed. b) Option of apron on Chippewa: owner would have to approve. c) Gary passed his certification test.

5. Mayoral Update: a) Bond refunding: Motion by Burton, second by Feldman, to authorize NoDak Bonds to prepare a call notice for the Refunding Improvement Bond of 1994. Motion carried, 100 % voting aye b) Motion by Feldman, second by Senum, to pay Burton for 122.5 hours mosquito spraying at $10/hour. Motion carried, Burton abstaining. Motion by Feldman, second by Senum, to pay 100 hours to Helland for mosquito spraying at $10/hour. Motion carried unanimously.

6. Auditor: a) October financials and November bills to be paid were approved. b) McGuire IronNoted that the job from this summer is still not done. Council tabled the issue of a service contract & recommended auditor send a letter. c) Flood plain requestHave Neil review. d) Health Nuisance: Motion by Senum, second by Feldman, to contact the Health Dept. and then follow up with Ecolab if necessary. Motion carried, 100 % voting aye e) Ditch issues: Volk to fix ditch at his own cost. Crotty – process needs engineer’s approval. f) Fire Department generator – issue tabled for more information.

7. Committee Reports: a) Rec. Bd. - Hayride at Halloween cancelled due to weather. Santa Day committee to meet. Request city share cost of mobile trailer for use as warming house: Motion by Feldman, second by Burton, to pay half of purchase price up to $1750 for said trailer. Motion carried, 100 % voting aye. b) Growth Cmte.– Tourism brochure approved to print 2500 copies. Should hear by mid-week on the motel. Web site had 1749 hits for October. c) Landfill report by Pelletier – Rainey quit recycling. Dumpsters for paper products are placed on a trial basis by Waste Management ND; should get funds back from sale of paper.

8. Motion by Burke to adjourn at 9:57 p.m.

By: Warren Hillukka, Mayor

Attested to: K. Johnson, City Aud./Adm