City of Pembina, ND

Oldest Settlement in the Dakota Territories

April 3rd Larry J. Wilwant Meeting Minutes

Unofficial Larry J. Wilwant Fund Meeting Minutes for April 3, 2024



Date: April 3rd, 2024, at 5:00pm

Location: Professional Building

Present: Shannon Cosley, Gary Helland, Justine Masloski, Ashley Schafer, Mayor Mike Fitzgerald

Other Members Present: Amy Stromsodt

Absent: None

Guests: Sherri Carattini, Teri Stoiber


Meeting called to order at 5:10 pm by Acting Chair Gary Helland




  • Review Requests – Review requests for funding—only $43,110 available for 2024.
  • Declined Requests:

o   North Border After Prom (Walhalla)—Requested $2500 for Prom Night Food, Fun, Activities and Prizes—declined as not qualified request.

o   Growing Hope in Pembina County—Requested $2500 to fund residents in Pembina County with cancer—declined as not a priority.

o   Faith in Action Health Coalition—Requested $5000 to Provide Trained Volunteers to offer Holistic Health Care services and Volunteer Travel Stipends—declined as not a priority.

o   Pembina County Historic Preservation Commission—Requested $3150 for Pembina Airport and Fort Signage—declined as not a priority.

  • Mike made motion to decline the four above for reasons stated; Shannon seconded. Roll call vote – all ayes present. Motion carries.
  • Discussion on Verbage of Grant Amounts--“grants generally will not exceed $5000,” although in the past (when more funds were available or there were fewer applicants), more has been granted. Committee tabled discussion until next year, and no grants this year will exceed $5000.
  • Granted Requests:

o   Pembina County Imagination Library—Requested $350 to mail free, high-quality books to children through age 5; granted $350.

o   Community in Action—Requested $1000 for enrichment and family engagement for local students; granted $1000.

o   Pembina Cemetery Association—Requested $5000 to straighten tombstones; granted $2000.

o   Pembina Cemetery Association—Requested $2200 for 75 flags; granted $2200.

o   North Border Pembina School—Requested $9946.74 for Football Field/Park Sound System; granted $3780.

o   Neche Park District—Requested $10,000 to Upgrade Neche Pool Building/Warming House; granted $3780.

o   Lamoure Memorial Golf Course—Requested $7500 to Update Clubhouse & Greens Maintenance; granted $5000.

o   Pembina Skating Rink—Requested $27,200 for Tin Project; granted $5000.

o   Pembina Recreation Board—Requested $10,000 to Update Baseball Field, Maintain Baseball Program, and Provide Community Events; granted $5000.

o   City of Pembina Fire Department—Requested $5534.75 for Gas Fire Hose Tester; granted $5000.

o   Pembina Ambulance Service Inc.—Requested $5000 for 10 New Ambulance Pagers; granted $5000.

o   Pembina 4th of July Celebration—Requested $6000 for July 3rd & 4th activities and fireworks display; granted $5000.

  • Ashley made motion to approve the amounts as dictated and shown above for the twelve remaining requests;  seconded by Justine. Roll call vote – all ayes present. Motion carries.
  • Please Send Grant Checks directly to recipients.
  • Replacement for Timothy Wilwand Vacancy – Recommendations for replacing Timothy Wilwand are Sharon Tinney and Beth Karas. Shannon to email them and gauge their interest in being on the committee.
  • Nominations for Chairperson– Gary made motion to nominate Ashley for chairperson by unanimous ballot, Mike seconded. Roll call vote – all ayes present. Motion carries.



Adjournment – Motion to adjourn at 6:23 PM by Gary.


By: Gary Helland, Acting Chair                                                             

Attested to: Teri Stoiber, City Auditor