City of Pembina, ND

Oldest Settlement in the Dakota Territories

August 2015 Minutes

Official Minutes for August 10th, 2015, Pembina City Council Meeting

Council Members Present:  Mayor Kyle Dorion, Corie Koropatnicki, Allen Huttunen, President Greg Wilmer, Joan Studeny and Ron Fritz.


Absent:  Council VP Greg Truax and Gary Helland, Public Works Superintendent.



City Employees Present:   Nancy Thompson, Auditor/Administrator


City Attorney Present:  Rob Fleming


City Engineer Present: Brad Bail, Widseth Smith Nolting and Nate Dalager, HDR


Public: Terri Bloomquist, Phillip Hall, Doug & Sharyn Finney.


Public Portion:  

Phillip Hall – Was wondering about household hazardous waste and disposing of it.




Meeting called to order by Mayor Dorion at 6:05 pm.



Changes to Agenda


  • Ms. Koropatnicki added “crack sealing ” under Employee Report/ Concerns
  • Mayor Dorion  added “ Household hazardous waste ” under New Business




Motion by Mr. Fritz, second by Ms. Studeny to accept the agenda; ayes to all present.  Motion carries.




Changes to June Minutes


Motion by Ms. Studeny, second by Mr. Fritz to accept July 13th  minutes with changes; Ayes to all present.  Motion carries



Old Business


  • Bret Corneliusen –Tabled until school starts andCity building inspector is back in town then hewill becontacted to inspect the house.




  • Levee – Mr. Dalager gave the Council an update on where things are at with the levee project.


Motion by Ms. Koropatnicki, second by Mr. Wilmer to accept the pay request 3 from Red Lake Builders; Ayes to all present.  Motion carries.


  • Plasticom – Ms. Thompson sent an email to see if they had received the title and has not heard back, also Mr. Fleming the City Attorney has not heard from them either.


  • Natural Gas – The survey is done and the link for it is on the city web page & Facebook page. Paper forms are also available at the city office for the public to fill out. Deadline for the survey is August 28th.


  • Tree pile – Ms. Thompson contacted Mr. Fleming on May's motion of closing the S. Pembina yard waste and how it could be revisited. Mr. Fleming informed the Council on how this could be done.  The Council discussed the yard waste.

Motion by Ms. Studeny, second by Ms. Koropatnicki to amend May's motion on yard waste in S. Pembina to reopen the S. Pembina yard waste effective immediately until the new one is open. Roll call vote Ayes: Studeny, Koropatnicki, Huttunen and Fritz, Nays Wilmer. Motion carries.


Council member Huttunen leaves meeting @ 6: 20 pm


  • Garage on Ernie’s Property on 3rd St. – The Council discussed this and the removal of the vehicles in the garage.


Motion by Mr. Wilmer, second by Mr. Fritz to proceed with and demolish the garage and remove the vehicles. ; Ayes to all present.  Motion carries.



Engineer Report/Brad Bail

  • Community Center –Mr. Bail contacted Ron Jasmer to look at the corner of the Community Center.
  • Man Holes - PWS Mr. Helland emailed Mr. Bail to look at some of the manholes in town.


Attorney Update


Update & Business:  Mayor

  • Trees in town – TheMayor let the Council know that the ND Forest Service was here and did an assessment of city trees and will compile a report on them for the city.


  • New Shade tree member – Mayor appoints Garrett Masloski to the Shade tree Committee.


Motion by Mr. Wilmer, second by Mr. Fritz to accept Mayors appointment of Garrett Masloski to the Shade tree Committee.  Ayes to all present.  Motion carries.



Employee Report/Concerns


  • Crack sealing – Ms. Thompson gave the Council an update.


  • 2016 Budget – Ms. Thompson has been working on the budgetand the preliminary budget meeting will be Sept 14th during the regular Council meeting.




Update & Business:  City Auditor

  • The July financial and August bills were reviewed and approved.


Committee Reports: Growth


  • Day care –Ms. Koropatnicki gave an update and they should know by next week if the City was approved for the daycare grant.



New Business –

  • Spot bar- Ms. Thompson let the Council know that John Feldman was wondering if the city was going to tear down the Spot bar. The city is having a hard time finding a contractor that will demolish this building due to the liability to tear it down with the closeness of buildings on each side of it. Mr. Fleming gave Ms. Thompson a name and number of a contractor out of Cavalier that might do it.

       He just demolished a building in Cavalier in the same situation as the Spot bar.


o   Action - Ms. Thompson will contact the contractorand see if he’s interestedand the cost for it.



  • NDLC September convention - Ms. Thompson let the Council know this year’s convention is in Fargo. Her and Ms. Koropatnicki are attending and if anyone else is interested in going to let her know.


Household Hazardous waste – Council discussed this.



Motion to be adjourned by Mr. Fritz at 7:00pm.






             By:  ___________________________________

                     Mayor, Kyle Dorion





Attested to:  _________________________________  


                  Nancy Thompson, Auditor/Administrator