City of Pembina, ND

Oldest Settlement in the Dakota Territories

November 2013 Minutes

City of Pembina

152 Rolette Street West

Pembina, North Dakota 58271

Official Minutes of November 18, 2013 City Council Meeting


Council Members Present:  Mayor John Feldman; Council - Bev Burke, Greg Wilmer, and Debbie Stanhope.

Council Members Absent:  Greg Truaxx and Dan Waldrop.

City Employees Absent:  Auditor Nancy Thompson.

City Employees Present:  Public Works Ken Norby and Greg Koropatnicki.

City Attorney Present:  Rob Fleming.

Engineer Absent:  Brad Bail.

Others Present:  Corie Koropatnicki, Holly Phillips, and Nancy Feldman.


Public Hearing:  Nothing on agenda.


Regular Meeting:  Called to order by Mayor Feldman at 6:04 p.m.  

1. Changes/Additions Made to Agenda:  OLD BUSINESS-Spot Bar, FedEx Sewer Backup, LJW Community Center plaques; NEW BUSINESS-PFD letter.     

 Motion by Burke, second by Wilmer to accept changes/additions to agenda.  Ayes by all present.

2. Approval/Changes to October Minutes:  

 Motion by Burke, second by Wilmer to accept October minutes.  Ayes by all present.

3. Old Business:

Overhead Garage Doors at PE Court:  Done – remove from old business.

1435 Tractor:  Done – remove from old business.

Bret Corneliusen:  Nothing new – keep on old business.

Coin Operated Water Station:  Work in progress – keep on old business.

Pest Detective (dike):  Done – keep on old business as pest control must be completed each year.

Red River Approach:  Will be replaced in Spring 2014 – keep on old business.

FedEx Sewer Backup:  Letter was sent – keep on old business.

LJW Community Center Plaques:  There was a bid received from Dale Fakken years ago, so it is outdated.  Wilmer will check with North Border shop teacher to see if the shop class could design and make plaque hanger with rail system to slide plaques in and out.


4. Engineer Report/Brad Bail:  not present.

Water/Sewer Project (update):  Per Fleming - Spruce Valley issues are ongoing.

                        oAuditor Thompson will search computer records for payments made for the two asphalt fixes.  If they can’t be found, Thompson will contact Mindak and ask if Mindak billed Spruce Valley for two asphalt fixes.  Thompson will have update by December meeting.


5. Attorney Update:

Ernie:  Two court hearings were set and Ernie was a no show for both.  Fleming is waiting for Judge Fontaine to sign the order.

                        oNorby stated that Kyle would like a two-day notice to demolish house; Kyle said that it can still be done this year.

                        oConcern regarding the cars on property – what is required?

Loader Lease:  Fleming provided letter to council.   Thompson will make copy for city files and mail to John Deere.

Spot Bar:  Fleming to bring condemn sign to next month’s meeting.

Ernie’s Cars:  What is required – operable, licensed, and up-to-date???  Fleming to check and bring to next month’s meeting.



6. Employees Report/Concerns:

S. Pembina Speed Bumps:  They have been taken out for ease of snow removal.

Winter Preparedness:  All tractors, etc. are ready for winter.

Christmas Lights:  Will be put up after Thanksgiving.

Lift Station Generator:  Alarm was going off and it was determined that the thermostat was probably stuck.

Ice Rink:  Concern was addressed by Norby that better communication between ice rink committee and the city would be appreciated.  The city can install a regulator to help with the control of water being put on the rink.  In addition, if the city is contacted by ice rink committee when rink is being filled, the city would not assume there is a water break somewhere in town as over 9000 gallons of water was used.    

                        oThompson will contact the ice rink committee and ask them to contact city auditor who will inform Norby when water is going to be used for ice rink.  

                        oCity recommends and council agrees that the ice rink committee should look into installing a special hydrant for winter use.  Thompson will notify ice rink committee of recommendation.


7. Mayor Updates/Business:

Mayor Candidates?:  Two candidates – Burton and Dorion.

oAbsentee Ballots:  Thompson will put ad in New Era regarding absentee ballots.

  • Ballots:  City Attorney Fleming as well as council members questioned how the order was selected for the ballets.  Thompson will provide information at next month’s meeting.

Border Station:  Does city have any concerns?

oDFA Shop:  Are they planning on moving the entire building?   

  • If yes, city concerned about sales tax.

Fleming stated that city can annex in if they would like.

Burke stated that she didn’t think they were moving entire building, but couldn’t confirm it either.

Levee Update:  Everything appears to be moving in the right direction.  Former Mayor Hillukka will be attending an upcoming SWC meeting in Devils Lake, ND.


8. City Auditor Update & Business:  

Oct. Financials:  Signed by council members present.

Nov. Bills:  Signed by council members present.


9. Committee Reports:

Recreation Board:  The Recreation Board loaned $3000 to the Ice Rink Committee – to date the loan has been paid back to the Recreation Board.



10. New Business:

Martha McGillvray (zoning):  Council and Attorney looked at map and realized that Lot 8 of Block 16 was not included in the commercial zoning.  Thompson will put zoning ad in New Era.

PFD Letter:  Equipment is outdated such as the Jaws of Life.  PFD would like the city to help if they can.  PFD estimates it will cost $35,000 to update its outdated equipment.

oCouncil discussed some options and would like the Ambulance to attend next council meeting to discuss their financials and grant information.

  • Thompson will invite Ambulance to December’s meeting and request they bring their financials and grant information.


11. Adjournment:  

 Motion by Burke, second by Wilmer to adjourn meeting at 7:33 p.m.  Ayes to all present; meeting adjourned.

Notes Respectfully Submitted by Nancy Feldman.