City of Pembina, ND

Oldest Settlement in the Dakota Territories

May 2015 Minutes

Official Minutes May 11th, 2015 Pembina City Council Meeting

Council Members Present:  Mayor Kyle Dorion, Corie Koropatnicki, Allen Huttunen, Council VP Greg Truax, President Greg Wilmer, Joan Studeny and Ron Fritz.


Absent:  Gary Helland, Public Works Superintendent.



City Employees Present:   Nancy Thompson, Auditor/Administrator


City Attorney Present:  Rob Fleming


City Engineer Present: Brad Bail, Widseth Smith Nolting & Nate Dalager, HDR 


Public: Nancy Feldman & Holly Phillips


Public Portion:  No one present




Meeting called to order by Mayor Dorion at 6:00 pm.



Changes to Agenda


  • Ms. Koropatnicki added “Employee leave sheet” under Employee Report/ Concerns  and  “ new business incentives “ under committee reports 



Motion by Mr. Truax, second by Mr. Wilmer to accept the agenda; ayes to all present.  Motion carries.





Changes to April Minutes


Motion by Mr. Fritz, second by Mr. Truax to accept April’s minutes; Ayes to all present.  Motion carries



Old Business


  • WSN Feasibility study on paving streets – Mr. Bail looked at the streets and he didn’t see anything extremely bad. He doesn’t see a need for the city to do a street project at this time.


  • Bret Corneliusen – Emailed Mr. Fleming that he broke his wrist and can’t get to his house till the first week in June. Council has set a deadline date of June 15th, 2015 for everything on his house inside and out to be done.
  • Levee – Nate updated Council on the project and were thing are at. Nate and Ms. Thompson will work on a write up for the paper. To give the public an update were things are at with the project.


  • Plasticom – Mr. Fleming has been corresponding with their Canadian Attorney on some of the changes they want on the bill of sale. He discussed the changes they wanted with Council.  Mr. Fleming will send back the bill of sale to their Canadian attorney to look at and send onto their US attorney


  • Natural Gas –Ms. Thompson contact Border Patrol and Customs to see if anything has been done on the usage. She has not heard anything back.


  • Concession stand –Mr. Huttunen informed Council the Rec Brd met and there plan is to move the concession stand. Matson will be contacted to proceed with moving it to 143 N 5th.




Engineer Report/Brad Bail

  • Lagoon –Mr. Bail & Mr. Helland looked at the lagoon and the maintenance issues on it. Mr. Bail looked at the lagoon before the meeting. Mr. Bail said there is no funding for maintenance of the lagoon like fixing the fence, the rip rap. Mr. Helland had a quote from Kyle Twamley on fixing the lagoon.


Motion by Mr. Fritz, second by Ms. Studeny to hire Kyle Twamley to repair city lagoon at his price quote of $15,800.00; ayes to all present.  Motion carries.




Attorney Update


Update & Business:  Mayor




Employee Report/Concerns


  • Yard Waste – Mr. Hellanddiscussed the tree pile down in south Pembina with Council and what to do with it. Few options were dig a whole and burry the trees, close dumping of tress completely. Other city don’t deal with tress it’s up to the person removing the tree to make arrangements for disposing of it.  The dumping of yard waste at the city shop was also discussed and its unnecessary time for Gary to waste by having to haul the yard waste to South Pembina. When people can haul there leaves or grass clipping down to a designated area in South Pembina just for leaves and grass clipping.


Motion by Mr. Wilmer, second by Ms. Studeny to stop the tree dumping in South Pembina. It will be closed effective immediately; Ayes Wilmer, Studeny Truax and Fritz. Nays Koropatnicki and Huttunen. Motion carries.


Motion by Mr. Huttunen, second by Mr. Wilmer to close the yard waste dump at the city shop and have the public haul it down to the designated spot in south Pembina and  to also purchase a trail cam and anyone caught dumping at the city shop will be fined a minimum of $75.00 ; Ayes to all present .Motion carries.




  • Employee leave sheet. Ms. Koropatnicki was inquiring about employees leave transition sheet they get showing what has been used .The sheet is hard to understand.





  • Summer Help – Austin Volk has taken a different job but is willing to help in the evenings with the mowing. The city will keep Austin Volk on an as needed basis in the evenings for mowing. One new summer help application came in Council reviewed the application.


Motion by Mr. Fritz, second by Mr. Truax to hire Josh Wilmer for summer help at a rate of $9:00; ayes

Studeny, Fritz, Truax, Huttunen, Koropatnicki. Nays none and Wilmer abstains. Motion carries.




Update & Business:  City Auditor

  • The March financial and April bills were reviewed and approved.



Committee Reports

  • Growth Committee- Ms. Koropatnicki updated the Council on their last meeting and that a daycare surrey went out so they can better assess the need for it. She couldn’t remember if New Business incentive were discussed at Growth or with Council. Ms. Thompson let her know it was at Council and they approved it back in October / November.


o   Action Ms. Thompsonwill look back at minutes to see what month it was for sure and email




New Business

Petition to close alley - Petition to close the alley in block 30 lots 1-5 & 14-18 was present to  Ms. Thompson city Auditor .Council reviewed the petition and found it to be in proper form and contains the requisite signatures. Ms. Thompson will put publication in the paper for 4 weeks that such petition has be filed and a hearing will be held on this matter on July 15th ,2015 at 5 :45 pm at the city office building at which time any objection on this matter will be heard .


Motion by Mr. Huttunen, second by Ms. Koropatnicki to accept the Petition for Vacation Alley block 30 lots 1-3&14-18; Ayes Koropatnicki , Huttunen, Fritz, Truax and Studeny . Nays Wilmer .Motion carries



Siren of west side of town – Ms. Student was wondering if this could be looked at. Ms. Thompson let her know that her and Fire Chief Kalka had received some information a while back on grant money for one. They did the paper work and Ms. Thompson was told the funds had ran out .Mr. Wilmer thinks there is still some available and to talk to Fire Chief Kalka about it .


o   Action – Ms. Thompson will talk to Fire Chief Kalka on this.



Council approved public official & employees - Ms. Studeny was wondering if Council could make it that only Council approved public officials & city employees can contact State and Federal agency. She was told anyone can contact them as an individuals for their own personal reasons they just can’t say their calling on behalf of the city or a committee that is a city entity.









Motion to adjourn by Mr. Fritz at 8:00pm.




             By:  ___________________________________

                     Mayor, Kyle Dorion





Attested to:  _________________________________   


                  Nancy Thompson, Auditor/Administrator