City of Pembina, ND

Oldest Settlement in the Dakota Territories

March 2012 Minutes

City of Pembina

Pembina, North Dakota 58271

152 W. Rolette St.

Official Minutes March 12th, 2012 City Council Meeting



Attendance Council meeting: Mayor Warren Hillukka, Council Kyle Dorion, Beverly Burke, John Feldman, Debbie Stanhope and Greg Wilmer.

Present: Attorney Rob Fleming, City Engineer Dan Johnson, Aud. /Adm. Nancy Thompson, Public works Ken Norby& Greg Koropatnicki

Absent: City Engineer Dan Johnson and Pat Burton

Others Present: Kathy Johnson for Pembina New Era   

Public Portion:

Regular Meeting: Was called to order by Mayor Hillukka at 6:10 p.m.

2. Changes made to agenda: Motion by Dorion second by Wilmer to accept changes to agenda.  Motion carries. Motion by Feldman second by Dorion to approve February 9th minutes with changes .Motion carried.

3. City Engineer /Dan Johnson: Absent from meeting 

4. Attorney: a) Motion by Feldman second by Stanhope to accept the first reading of Ordinance no .2012-01 (see attachment). Roll call vote ayes Dorion, Stanhope, Feldman, Wilmer and Burke. Nays none. Motion carries.b) Attorney updated Council on unoccupied homes and buildings in town. Reviewed letters that were sent out to property owners (see attachment).  Discussion was had on Wayne O’Hara’s property on 5h Street. Motion by Dorion second by Wilmer to have City Attorney send a letter to Wayne O’Hara. Motion carried. c) Review of Hallock, MN ordinance on golf carts after much discussion it was decided that no action would be taken on this matter. d) Discussion was had on the golf club and their current lease. Auditor will contact a member of the Golf club board and ask them to attend next month’s meeting. e) Attorney advised Council that the City should have a city credit card instead of a city debit card. Motion by Feldman second by Dorion for Auditor to apply for a city credit card after the credit card is in the debit card will be canceled. Motion carried. f) Discussion on letter from city Attorney about using city property for private purpose (see attachment).

5. Employee Report: a) Team Lab 2012 spraying prices. Motion by Wilmer second by Stanhope to have Team Lab spray again this year: pond, broadleaf & golf course fairway. Motion carries. b) Ken’s would like the money from the sale of scrap iron be used toward the purchase of a crack filling machine.  Motion by Dorion second by Wilmer to purchase crack filling machine from Team Lab the money from the sale of scrap iron will be used to help pay  for it . The rest of the cost will be paid out of street repair fund. Motion carriedc) Ken let Council know that he had to shut water off at Helen Grabowska .c) Ken also reminded council that last fall they had talked about having J&R wastewater come in and clean sewer lines. Council tabled this until next month when they have prices to review. d) Discussion was had on the approach at gas trak and how bad it’s getting .Ken would like something done with it when the asphalt company comes back to town. Auditor brought up that she would like to see that the back parking lot of professional building get asphalt.

 6. Mayor Update: a) Informed Council about the State Water Commission board meeting him and Nate Dalager from HDR Engineering went to in Bismarck. b) Mayor let Council know Councilmen Burton gave his letter of resignation for his seat on the city Council.( see attachment)  c) Mayor was contacted by High School principle Jeff Carpenter in regards to a electronic billboard sign to display school and community events  he was looking into. He was wondering if the city would contribute some funds for it and also if the city would help with the monthly cost  and maintenance of it. All Council present agreed that the city would help with half on the monthly electric bill and maintenance of it. Motion by Dorion second by Feldman to contribute $5,000.00 from sales tax to Pembina North Border High school to help with the cost for the electronic billboard sign. Roll call vote ayes Dorion, Stanhope, Feldman, Wilmer and Burke. Nays none. Motion carries.

  1. Aud. /Admin. Update:  a) February financials reviewed and approved b) March bills reviewed and approved.  b)Discussion was had on Banyon the City’s software program and how it accruals vacation for employees. Auditor was asked last month to call Banyon on this because city public works employee Ken Norby thought he was getting shorted on his vacation accrual hours some months. Auditor called Banyon and sent an email out to Council on how monthly vacation accruals works and that no one was being shorted vacation accrual hours. Councilmen Feldman let council know he called Banyon himself on this matter after the emails .He talked to Deb from Banyon and that vacation can accrue per pay period or per month .He stated that he asked if vacation hours could be missed by doing accrual monthly and he was told they could. But by doing accrual per pay period they wouldn’t be .Auditor referred back to her email along with the email from Patty with Banyon. And the phone conversation she had with Patty from Banyon which she was told that an employee will not be shorted vacation hours accruing them monthly. It was decided that vacation accrual hours will now be done per pay period instead of by the month.
  2.  Committee Reports: a) Motion by Feldman second by Dorion for the Personnel Committee

to become a Committee of the whole.  Roll call vote ayes Dorion, Stanhope, Feldman, Wilmer and Burke. Nays none. Motion carries.

9. Issues-New & Outstanding: a) Outside door of kitchen at Community center doesn’t open all the way up .The cement has heaved and needs to be fixed so the door can open.

Motion by Burke to adjourn at 7:30p.m.




                                                By: ___________________________________

                                                           Mayor, Warren Hillukka  



Attested to:  _________________________________         


                  Nancy Thompson, Auditor/Administrator