City of Pembina, ND

Oldest Settlement in the Dakota Territories

Jan 12, 2009 minutes

City of Pembina

Pembina, North Dakota 58271

152 W. Rolette St.

January 12th, 2009

City Council Meeting Minutes


Attendance: Mayor Warren Hillukka Council, Kyle Dorion, Debbie Stanhope ,John Feldman, Greg Wilmer and Pat Burton Present: PWS Ken Norby, Attorney Larry DuBois, Auditor Nancy Thompson & Deputy Auditor Lisa Penn Absent: Bev Burke &  City Engineer Dan Johnson Others Present: Joe &Erin Casey Kathy Johnson editor of Pembina New Era

Public portion: Casey’s presented to City Council issue with assessment. City will follow up.

Regular meeting was called to order by Mayor Hillukka at 6: 15p.m.  

1.  Changes made to agenda:  Under Mayor add Valley Crete &Monette lawsuit and under committees add Community Center Motion by Dorion, second by Stanhope to accept changes to agenda .Motion carries

2.  Motion by Feldman second by Burton to approve December 8th minutes.  Motion carried unanimously

3.  City Engineer Update:  Not present

4. City Attorney Update: Reviewed MCI bankruptcy papers received in office.

5.  Employee Report:  a) Goals/priorities reviewed.  b)Ken to attend  ND Rural water training Feb3rd-5th in Bismarck. c) Water break in town water line of Dice Crotty’s which ties in to the main by Chuck & Hetty Walkers where his hook up is located. d) Discussed rent issue in professional building e) On water bill the recycling fee will be separated  from the garbage fee and have its own line on bill for accounting purpose s. f)Greg Wilmer will look into alternative composting  g)Will look at water audit in the spring.

6. Mayor Update: a) Valley Crete is in the process of finalizing the sale of their company. After the sale is finalized they may start a new business venture in their current location. d) Conference call with Fema, Corps of Engineer Colin McKernan from Michael Baker and our City engineer Dan Johnson in regards to the   PAL program (Provisionally Accredited Levee) which requires us to get our dikes certified to be eligible for the PAL program .Mayor suggested that a letter be written to our Governor and our Congressional Legislators in regards to the certification of the dike.

7.  Auditor Update: a) December financials reviewed and approved.  b) January bills reviewed and approved c) NDLC regional meeting may 5th will be in Pembina this year at the Larry J Wilwant Community center Nancy & Lisa to make arrangements for this event d) Nancy & Lisa will look into loan rates for  next meeting .Motion by Feldman second by Burton to go into executive session to discuss legalities. Motion carries.  Motion by   Feldman second by Stanhope to come out of Executive session and continue with regular meeting.  Motion carries e) research the cost of flood insurance in our area

 8.  Committee Reports:  Community Center Explorers looking into using the Community Center for fund raiser. It was suggested that no-profit groups & organization pay a $ 25.00 fee for use of the building to cover cleaning. Motion by Dorion second by Stanhope to charge $25.00 fee to nonprofit groups& organizations to cover the cleaning costs .Motion carries

9.  New Issues –none


Motion to adjourn by Feldman at 7:55 p.m.


By:  Mayor Warren Hillukka                            Attested to:  Nancy Thompson, Auditor/Administrator