City of Pembina, ND

Oldest Settlement in the Dakota Territories

Minutes of Dec. 11, 2006 City Council Meeting

Attendance:  Mayor Warren Hillukka, Council:  Beverly Burke, Richard Senum, Debbie Stanhope.

Absent:  Kyle Dorion, John Feldman, Nancy Thompson

Present: Engineer Dan Johnson, Aud./Adm. Kathy Johnson, Attorney Neil Fleming

Others Present:  Ken Norby, Jim Moris, Kevin McGauvern


Public Hearing called to order at 7:00 p.m., by Mayor Hillukka.

  • Moris & McGauvern represented the Rodeo Committee, seeking assistance to run additional events at the Rodeo Grounds.  A sales tax fund application was given to them.

 Regular Meeting called to order at 7:05.


1.  Changes made to agenda – Add coin water service (under employee report)


2.  Motion by Senum, second by Burke to approve November minutes as amended. Motion carried unanimously.


3.  City Attorney Update:  a) Street vacation petition:  city recommended to sign and publish for a public hearing.  b) Liquor license petition:  after researching Pembina’s Home Rule Charter, it was found that the petition was invalid (need at least 41 signatures and a three member committee).   c) Canadian road/dike lawsuit- working to comply with discovery requirements.  d) Requested change of regular council meeting to second Mondays.  Request tabled for better attendance.


4.  Employee Report:  a) Goals/priorities reviewed.  b) Motion by Senum, second by Burke to charge $35/load tipping fee for the demolition debris. Motion carried, 100% voting aye.  c) Motion by Senum, second by Stanhope permit staff to install bulk water service at the water plant location, funding the project from Reserve I.  Motion carried, 100% voting aye. 


5.  Mayoral Update:  Motion by Senum, second by Burke, to hire Cook, Wegner, and Wike PLLP as bond counsel to proceed with funding the community center renovation.  Council intends that no property tax will be raised.  Roll call vote:  Voting aye: Senum, Burke, and Stanhope.  Voting Nay – none.  Absent and not voting:  Dorion, Feldman, and Thompson.   Motion carries. 


6.  Aud./Admin. Update:  a) Nov. financials reviewed and approved.  b) Dec. bills reviewed and approved.

c) 2007 budget report not prepared, but fund balances discussed. 


7.  Committee Reports:  a) Recreation – Santa Day held.  b) Personnel – upon discussion, have decided to revise the whole employee manual.    c) Building/Zoning – Engineer Johnson reviewed G. Symington ditch and recommends a catch basin be installed into culvert.    


8.  New Issues – Street light request was rejected.

9.  Motion to adjourn by Burke at 9:30 p.m.                     


  By:  Mayor Warren Hillukka

Attest:  Kathy Johnson, Auditor/Administrator