City of Pembina, ND

Oldest Settlement in the Dakota Territories

July 2017 Minutes

Official Minutes for July 10th, 2017 Pembina City Council Meeting

Council Members Present: Mayor Kyle Dorion, President Ron Fritz, VP Allen Huttunen, Corie Koropatnicki, Connor Snitker, Melissa Hilliard, Cody Carpenter


City Employees Present:   Lisa Plante, Auditor/Administrator, Gary Helland/Public Works Superintendent


City Attorney Present:  Rob Fleming

City Engineer Absent:  Brad Bail


Absent:   none


Others present:  Phil Hall


Public Portion

Nothing on agenda


Meeting called to order by Mayor Dorion at 6:00 p.m.


Changes to Agenda


Under Attorney add first reading of ordinance. Under New Business add speed limit on bridge, residential fence heights and street repair without a packer.  Motion by Snitker, second by Fritz to accept the changes to agenda.  Ayes all present.  Motion carries.


Motionby Huttunen, second by Fritz to approve June meeting minutes; Ayes all present.  Hilliard abstains.  Motion carries.


Old Business

  • Levee- Tabled.


  • Bret Corneliusen –Bret responded and is now looking into donating the house to Habitat for Humanity instead of selling.


  • Ernie D’auetuil – Tabled.


  • Spot Bar- No calls yet from the ads. Tabled.


Engineer Report/Brad Bail –   

Gave an update of bridge inspection.  Will test the paint from bridge to see if lead in it. 


Attorney Update / Rob Fleming-presented the Off Highway Vehicle ordinance to council.  Motion by Snitker second by Huttunen to approve first reading of the Off Highway Vehicle ordinance. Ayes all present.  Motion carries.

Motion by Koropatnicki second by Huttunen to make resolution that the repairs on 5th St S. are necessary to the operations and safety of the streets and traffic in Pembina, North Dakota.  Roll call vote. Ayes Huttunen, Koropatnicki, Carpenter, Hilliard, Snitker and Fritz.  Nayes none. Motion Carries.  Motion by Koropatnicki second by Huttunen to direct Brad Bail to prepare preliminary plans and estimates for repairing S 5th Street. Roll call vote.  Ayes Huttunen, Koropatnicki, Carpenter, Hilliard, Snitker and Fritz.  Nayes none.  Motion carries.


Employee Report/Concerns-

  • PCC water meter – Gary updated council that the meter in community center is not working and to repair it is 2 inch meter so plumber would need to be hired.


  • Rolette & Division patching- Gary will get formal bids from multiple contractors for patching these spots.


Update & Business:  Mayor – nothing




Update & Business:  City Auditor

  • The June financials and July bills were reviewed and approved.  Lisa informed council she applied for one-time money available through the Department of Health and was awarded $1350 towards mosquito chemical.  Gary will order a mix of 30 day and 90 day dunks. 


  • Pep Crotty- Pep is requesting that half of the Twamley bill be paid from the break.  Motion by Huttunen second by Snitker to split the bill with Pep Crotty for the break.  Ayes all present.  Motion carries.


Committee Reports:

  • Personnel Committee-

Employee wage review- Motion by Huttunen to give 50 cents increase to Gary and Dawn and 75 cents to Lisa.  No second. Motion fails.  Motion by Snitker second by Hilliard to give increases of $1 for Lisa, 75 cents for Gary and 50 cents for Dawn.  Ayes Fritz, Snitker, Hilliard.  Nayes Huttunen and Koropatnicki.  Carpenter abstains.  Motion carries.


New Business

  • Speeding on the Pembina- Motion by Huttunen second by Koropatnicki to set the speed limit on the Pembina River Bridge to 15 mph and put speed bumps on either end of the bridge.  Ayes Snitker, Hilliard, Carpenter, Koropatnicki and Huttunen.  Nayes Fritz. Motion carries.


  • Residential fence height- Huttunen would like fence height limited.  This needs to go to the Building and Zoning committee.


  • Packer for street repairs- Motion by Fritz second by Carpenter that no contractor can do any work on city property without having a packer to finish the project.  Ayes by all.  Motion carries.


Motion to adjourn by Fritz at 7:06 p.m.



             By:  ___________________________________

                      Mayor, Kyle Dorion



Attested to:  _________________________________      

                       Lisa Plante, Auditor/Administrator