City of Pembina, ND

Oldest Settlement in the Dakota Territories

Official Minutes for July 9th, 2018 Pembina City Council Meeting

Council Members Present: Mayor Kyle Dorion, President Ron Fritz, Allen Huttunen, Melissa Hilliard and Mike Fitzgerald


Absent: VP Connor Snitker and Cody Carpenter


City Employees Present:   Lisa Hall, Auditor/Administrator, Gary Helland/Public Works Superintendent, Blaine Eisenbeis/Public Works Assistant


City Attorney Present: Rob Fleming

City Engineer Present: Brad Bail


Others present: Mason Peters, Dean Warner, Phil Hall and Louise Hall


Public Portion

Dean Warner here to inquire on buying killefer box scraper. Mason Peters here regarding S. 2nd Street in front of his house and upkeep of it.


Meeting called to order by Mayor Dorion at 6:04 p.m.


Changes to Agenda


Add Mason under Employees Report. Add Pembina Court and grandstand under auditor. Motion by Hilliard, seconded by Fitzgerald to approve the changes to the agenda. Ayes all present. Motion carries.


Motionby Fritz, seconded by Hilliard to approve June’s minutes with changes; Ayes all present. Motion carries.


Old Business

  • Levee-Tabled. Nate from HDR said should be finalized by next month.


  • Bret Corneliusen –Tabled. Emailed Lisa and said he will be looking to sell.


  • Ernie D’auetuil – Tabled.


  • Spot Bar- Tabled.


    Engineer Report/Brad Bail  Work should start last week of July on 5th street. Foreman with Opp Construction says will be 2 weeks of actual work. Keep in contact with MCI.


    Attorney Update / Rob Fleming-Get a special assessment meeting scheduled and include Rob and Brad.


    Employee Report/Concerns-

  • Killefer-Dean Warner– Dean would like to purchase the killefer. It is still used enough that council is not willing to sell it.


  • South 2nd St- Mason presented bid from Twamley. Gary will call Thoralkson and Kendall Construction for more bids to fix street in front of Mason’s and the ditch across street by meeting on July 16th.


    Update & Business: Mayor

  • Employee reviews- Motion by Fritz to give Lisa, Gary and Blaine a dollar per hour raise. No second. Motion drops.   Motion by Huttunen second by Hilliard to give Lisa, Gary and Blaine a seventy-five cents per hour raise. Ayes all present. Motion carries. Motion by Huttunen second by Hilliard to make raise retroactive to July 1st. Ayes all present. Motion carries. Mayor Dorion recommended giving the summer help a dollar raise per hour. Motion by Hilliard second by Fritz to give the summer help a dollar raise per hour retroactive to July 1st. Ayes all present. Motion carries.


    Update & Business: City Auditor

  • The June financials and July bills were reviewed and approved.


  • Property sale offer- Council does not which to sell the lots to Sobering. Lisa suggested renting. Motion by Huttunen to rent the lots to Sobering for $100 per month. No second. Motion drops. Table until next meeting after getting more information. Lisa will contact him to see if interested in renting.


  • Budget meeting date- Preliminary budget meeting is set for Monday, July 16th at 5 p.m. Mayor Dorion let council know Harold Rotunda will be here and requested to come with ideas and plans. If any increases are decided a public meeting is needed.


  • Pembina Court-RV- We have 4 RV spots currently set up and available. Lisa is waiting to hear back from Samson’s on cost for upgrading the electrical posts for the remaining open spots. Huttunen brought up open space in South Pembina should be utilized before Pembina Court. Camping down there is closer to local business walking distance from campground.


  • Grandstand- Lisa contacted a couple contractors. Only Bjornson Construction has gotten back to me and his recommendation was to tear down and put metal bleachers in its place. Gary and crew will put snow fence and keep out signs around grandstand and debris and the pea rock area. Nails and wood particles in pea rock from grandstand. Merry go round destroyed and the fire engine bent but nothing else on playground destroyed. Everything is on hold for insurance decisions.


    Committee Reports:


    New Business:


  • No parking 5th-A.H.- Discussed how to have no parking/standing on South 5th Street once this project is complete and street has been repaired. Bring ideas to August meeting for enforcing no standing.


  • Ambulance finances- Reviewed the finances that Connor gave for ambulance. Motion by Huttunen second by Hilliard to indefinitely suspend office rent in Pembina Professional Building. Ayes by all present. Motion carries. Huttunen discussed some other ideas about possibly adding an ambulance fee to the monthly billing and reducing another fee. Will bring specific numbers next meeting.


  • City equipment-rec bd- Fitgerald needs equipment to use to drag the fields. Since he is a paid council member he is covered on insurance to use city equipment.


    Motion to adjourn by Fritz at 7:20 p.m.


By: Mayor, Kyle Dorion


Attested to: Lisa Hall, Auditor/Administrator