City of Pembina, ND

Oldest Settlement in the Dakota Territories

Pembina City Library

The Pembina City and School Library is located in the Pembina High School.
Use the northwest door to enter

The Pembina Library now has Zino!

Zino is a service from your library that allows you to read an assortment of magazines through the net.
You go to the North Dakota State Library, services for the public. There is a whole list of items you should explore.
But for Zino, you go to online resources. Under newspapers and magazines, click Zino.
There are many magazines at your disposal.
You can see the magazines, but to "check them out," you do need your library card number. With your number, you can register and read the magazines.
The library has a photo copy of your card, and we also have our patron library number you need for other services that the ND State Library provides. Call during operating hours or stop in and get your copy!

The Pembina Library has a Book Club!
Interested in a book club?
Please visit the North Border Book Club on Facebook! Each month the group will choose a book to read and organize a date/time to talk about the book! Check it out today! 

Story Time:
Story Hour: 9:30 a.m. alternating Saturdays (dates are posted on the Blissful Bookers Facebook page)
Story time consists of stories, games and snacks. There is no charge to participate in story hour.
All children ages 3 to 4th Grade, Welcome!
Please stop in, listen to a great story, and check out some of the great children's books.

2 Public Computers Available:
Policies for Use:

  • Patrons must register prior to use
  • Limit of 1/2 Hour if other patrons are waiting to use computer
  • No unauthorized downloads of programs
  • Printing cost - 10 cents per page

Book Circulation Policies:

  • Book Loans to City Library Patrons: 4 Weeks (Public School Students have a different schedule)
  • VHS Tapes & DVD's: 1 Week
  • Overdue Book Fines: 25 cents/ Day, limited to days that City Library is open.
  • We Participate in an Inter-Library Loan System. If we do not have an item on our shelves, we may be able to obtain it on loan from another library

Board President: Stacie Irving
Secretary: Lyndi Needham
Treasurer: Karen Masloski
City of Pembina: Staci Irving & Bev Burke
Board Member: Corie Koropatnicki
Youth Representative: Needed
Librarian: Zelda Hartje (during school hours)

Pembina, Drayton, Neche, Joliette, Humboldt, and St. Vincent are all encouraged to become members of the Pembina City Library.
It's free, and only takes a few minutes.

With a Pembina City Library Card you have full access to our local resources, and Inter-Library Loan.