City of Pembina, ND

Oldest Settlement in the Dakota Territories


Whereas, the City of Pembina supplies clean water for residential and commercial purposes, and


Whereas, the City of Pembina employs staff to maintain and run this essential service, and


Whereas, the City of Pembina has contracted with North Valley Rural Water System to provide for potable water for the city, and there is a monthly connection fee for this service, and


Whereas, it is in the best interests of the businesses and residents of the City of Pembina to maintain this service for posterity, and


Whereas, water rates for the City of Pembina have not been adjusted since 1998,


Therefore, be it resolved by the City Council for the City of Pembina that the following written policy for water/sewer utilities be adopted. 



Motion made by Council member Kyle Dorion, Seconded by Nancy Thompson,

this August 13, 2007. 



Those voting aye:  Dorion, Stanhope, Thompson, Burke, Feldman


Those voting nay: none


Motion Carried.



Approval:   Warren Hillukka, Mayor


Attest:    Kathy Johnson, Auditor/Administrator