City of Pembina, ND

Oldest Settlement in the Dakota Territories

June 2016 Minutes

 Official Minutes for June 13th, 2016, Pembina City Council Meeting

Council Members Present: Mayor Kyle Dorion, President Greg Wilmer, VP Greg Truax, Allen Huttunen, Ron Fritz, Corie Koropatnicki and Joan Studeny.


Absent:  None


City Employees Present:   Nancy Thompson, Auditor/Administrator & PWS Gary Helland


City Attorney Present:  Rob Fleming

City Engineer Present – Brad Bail WSN


Public – Jim Kotchman


Public Portion

Jim Kotchman – Was here to discuss his commercial property and haying of it. This will be discussed and decided on in the regular portion of the meeting.


Meeting called to order by Mayor Dorion at 6:03 p.m.


Changes to Agenda


Motion by Studeny, second by Wilmer to accept the agenda; ayes to all present.  Motion carries.


Changes to May 9th & 25th Minutes


Motion by Fritz, second by. Truax to approve May 9th minutes as is and May 25th with changes; Ayes to all present.  Motion carries.


Old Business

  • Levee – Randy with HDR was up doing an internal drainage survey for the project. Red Lake Builders need to come back and reseed the levee in the areas the grass didn’t take.


  • Bret Corneliusen –Council and city Attorney discussed the email Bret sent. It does state that he has come to terms with the fact that his house is in to poor of repair to make it feasible to perform renovations without being cost prohibitive. He does have items in the home he would like to get before proceeding with anything future.


o   Action – Mr. Fleming will contact Bret on getting his items out and the process of demolish of his house.


  • Ernie D’auetuil – Mr. Fleming spoke with Grafton build inspector. He’s willing to come down and inspect the house sometime in July at an hourly rate of $ 20.00 hr.  Council all agreed to have him come down and do the inspection.  A brief discussion was had on the cars on this property and tabled until July’s meeting.







  • Spot Bar- Will put for sale ads up.


  • Daycare items- Just a few items left to be done on the house. Council was wondering if the contract had been signed by the provider. Ms. Koropatnicki let them know it has not and that the provider they had has decided to pursue something different. The Growth Committee will be looking for a new daycare provider.


  • Tree Pile – Waiting for the signed lease to come back from Israel. Then the new pile can open but until then the old one will still be used and dealt with after the new on opens.


  • Broadleaf spraying – Mr. Helland was in contact with the NDSU extension service on what his license allows him on spraying. Mr. Helland can do the broadleaf for the city. He has contacted Terry with Team to get information on the chemical and mixing ration for it.  



Engineer Report/Brad Bail –


  • Culvert by coulee on Cavalier St.  Mr. Helland & Mr. Bail discussed the coulee with Council. Have two bids on it. Tabled till Julys meeting.


o   Action - Mr. Bail will review the bids and give his recommendation to the Council at July’s meeting.


  • Streets & Chip sealing – Mr. Bail let Council know what streets are in need of the most repair. He had a price estimate for chip sealing for the whole city the estimate was 375,740.00.



Attorney Update / Rob Fleming


  • Fireworks - Ms. Koropatnicki was wondering on the law of days to set off fireworks.


Update & Business:  Mayor


Employee Report/Concerns


  • Old city equipment – There is old equipment and misc. items at the shop that are not used anymore. It was discussed a few months back to sell them. Mr. Helland would like some input on selling prices for some of this. Mr. Fleming reminded council that if an items worth 2,500 or more than it needs to be bid on. Discussion was had on selling some of the higher priced items or trading them in on another zero turn mower. 

Motion by Mr. Fritz second by Mr. Wilmer to trade the snow blower and batwing on a new zero turn mower with a remaining price after traded not to exceed 5,500.00


  • Summer help – Mr. Helland discussed Austin and Josh’s work performance with the Council and felt they deserved a pay increase.  An increase of a $1:00 an hr. for Austin and .50 for Josh.


Motion by Huttunen, second by Fritz to increase Austin hourly rate by a $1:00 and Josh by .50 effective June 16th. Ayes; Studeny, Fritz, Truax, Huttunen, and Koropatnicki. Nays none, Wilmer abstains. Motion carries.



  • Employee scheduled leave - Council discussed employee leave time.





Update & Business:  City Auditor

  • The May financials and June bills were reviewed and approved.


  • Beer & Liquor license renewal – The Council needs to approve a yearly renewal of these.


Motion by Ms. Studeny  second by Mr. Wilmer  toapprove the renewal of Corner Bar, DFA, Lamoure Golf course and Kern- Thompson post #77 American Legion Yearly Beer & liquor license. ; Ayes to all present. Motion carries.


  • FNF gaming permit - Council needs to approve a yearly renewal.


Motion by Ms. Koropatnicki, second by Mr. Fritz toapprove the renewal of FNF gaming permit; Ayes to all present. Motion carries.


  • Corner Bar off premise permit – Corner bar would like to sever outside in front of the bar on the July 4th for the street dance.


Motion by Ms. Koropatnicki, second by Mr. Fritz toapprove an off premise liquor & Beer permit to the Corner bar for July 4th; Ayes to all present. Motion carries.




Committee Reports:


Rec Board - Auditor gave an update to Council on the rec board.



New Business

  • Culvert by Hetty’s – Ms. Walker had talked to a few councilmembers on the culvert by her place. The council all agreed the culvert she is talking about is the same culvert address earlier in the meeting.


  • Golf Carts – Ms. Studeny had question for City Attorney on golf carts in town if there is a law on young kids driving them around town. Mr. Fleming let Council know there is a state law on golf carts on city streets. The city may allow by an ordinance the operation of them on city streets. The ordinance may not allow the operation of them on the city streets except for daytime travels between the owner’s home or residence and the golf course and you need to be a licensed driver. If someone sees that a golf cart is driving around town to call the sheriff’s department so they can enforce the law on them.  The city follows state law on this.


  • City Cop - Ms. Studeny wanted to discuss a cop in town. The council discussed past law enforcement contract the city had with the county and the coverage the city received. The coverage wasn’t any more than if they didn’t have one. The county was wanting to increase the law enforcement contract rate which was almost double of the past rate. The past Council wasn’t willing to pay a higher rate for coverage the city would get with or without the contract. The city does have a contract with the county for the Sheriffs department to inforce city ordinances.


  • Jim Kotchman commercial property - Mr. Fleming reviewed current city ordinance and he is grandfathered in under the new ordinance for being able to hay his commercial property.


Motion by Mr. Fritz,second by Mr. Truax to allow Mr. Kotchman to still hay his commercial property; Ayes to all present.  Motion carries.




Motion to be adjourned by Mr. Fritz at 7:45pm.





             By:  ___________________________________

                     Mayor, Kyle Dorion




Attested to:  _________________________________  


                  Nancy Thompson, Auditor/Administrator