City of Pembina, ND

Oldest Settlement in the Dakota Territories

Minutes of Oct. 2, 2006 City Council Meeting

Attendance: Mayor Warren Hillukka, Council: Beverly Burke, Kyle Dorion, John Feldman, Nancy Thompson, Richard Senum. Absent: Debbie Stanhope

Present: Engineer Dan Johnson, City Attorney Neil Fleming, Aud./Adm. Kathy Johnson,

Others Present: Ken Norby, Peggy Reimer

Public Hearing called to order at 7:00 p.m., by Mayor Hillukka.

· Ms.Reimer questioned how to go about securing an off-sale liquor permit, and inquired about 2 a.m. closing. Since licenses are restricted by ordinance, a petition must be submitted, and a vote taken. Closing later would need to be considered by the council and can be decided upon resolution.

Regular Meeting called to order at 7:15.

1. Changes made to agenda – Add Dunn curbstop & Valley Landfill

2. Motion by Feldman, second by Senum to approve all September minutes as printed. Motion carried unanimously.

3. City Attorney Update: a) is reviewing contract language for Community Center renovation. b) Presented a potential resolution for annexation of the golf course property, but no action taken at this time by council.   c) Affidavit of Possession was signed by Mayor Hillukka for buy-out properties. d) Court date to be set in January regarding the dike lawsuit.

4. Employee Report: a) Goals/priorities reviewed. b) All commercial demolitions require inspection for asbestos, including the Depot building. c) Motion was made by Dorion, second by Feldman to bill one half of the Twamley bill to Dunn, with the city responsible for the remaining costs. Motion carried unanimously. d) S. Pembina dike moving is complete through grass seeding. Mayor noted that a good job was done. e) Motion by Feldman, second by Senum, to purchase new mid-mount JD mower with trade-in as described in Kittson Equipment quote. Motion carried unanimously. f) Shut-down of water to campground left to determination of staff.  g) Pest Detective bid tabled for clarification of prices.

5. Mayoral Update: a) Junk policy should be revised to allow for more timely response. Building committee will address this. b) Community Center has had recent significant donations, now about half-way to project goal.   c) Auditor directed to send letter requesting details from School Board re: potential snow removal.

6. Aud./Admin. Update: a) Sept. financials reviewed and approved. b) Oct. bills reviewed. Council agreed to pay the Hughes Lift Station Service bill and bill GSA following. Motion by Senum, second by Feldman, to pay the South Pembina dike project from Pembina Court funds. Motion carried unanimously. Other bills approved.  c) Final budget reviewed. Motion by Feldman, second by Dorion, to pay off the 93-1 and 01-1 specials on city property using bond reserve funds, as this should reduce taxpayer’s burden. Motion carried unanimously. d) Motion by Dorion, second by Thompson, to pay G. Motl up front for the remainder of his consultation contract. Motion carried unanimously.

7. Committee Reports: a) Police – Feldman will set date for meeting. b) Building/Zoning, Recreation and Forestry – need meetings set. c) Growth –will need to recapture furnace & water heater from house to be demolished, and address water service issue. Motion by Dorion, second by Thompson, to prorate rent to $225 for first month, and $50/mo. additional. Voting aye: Burke, Thompson, and Dorion; Voting Nay – Feldman. Absent and not voting: Senum. Motion carried.

8. Valley Landfill – Tipping fees are climbing, and tighter standards are being set in place. Recycling is strongly encouraged. Suggested having a second city-wide clean-up day. Appliances will be charged $25 each.

9. Motion to adjourn by Burke at 9:35 p.m.

By:Mayor Warren Hillukka

Attested to: Kathy Johnson, Auditor/Administrator