City of Pembina, ND

Oldest Settlement in the Dakota Territories

June 13, 2011 council meeting

City of Pembina

Pembina, North Dakota 58271

152 W. Rolette St.

Official Minutes June 13th, 2011 City Council Meeting


Attendance: Mayor Warren Hillukka, Council Beverly Burke, Kyle Dorion, John Feldman, Debbie Stanhope, Greg Wilmer, Pat Burton

Present: Attorney Neil Fleming, Aud. /Adm. Nancy Thompson, City Engineer Dan Johnson

Absent: PWS Ken Norby

Others Present: Shannon Cosley, Nancy Feldman -Rec Brd , Ronda Warner –Youth Center ,Tom Masloski –mowing ,Deanna Hager, Hetty Walker, Dave Bloomquist –Cemetery

Public Portion: Rec Brd members Shannon Cosley and Nancy Feldman attended Community Connection forum which was co sponsored by UND and held in Mountain. They just built a new community center in Mountain. There were different meetings to go to each of them attended two. They found it to be very educational and would recommend that some of the City Council go next time. Also the last few meetings no one from the office was there to take minutes they want someone from office to be there to take the minutes. Nancy Feldman Let Council and Auditor know that her daughter Holly would be willing to help with the city web site free of charge.   Ronda Warner was here to present a proposal for outdoor ice rink with the possibility of adding a warming house and game room. First priority is the outdoor rink and would like to keep it at the current location of rink now. Would like city approval on outdoor rink .This will not be a cost to the City .The money will be raised through grants, donation and fundraisers. Tom Masloski was wondering about mowing down on Stutsman. The grass and weeds are quite high by the welcome to Pembina sign and it’s the first thing you see when you drive into town. That area should be more of a priority to mow weekly then the tree pile down is S. Pembina .Deanna Hager wondering about the water project as their curb stop hasn’t been found .So their water keeps getting shut off and on. Today they had no water for 5 hrs. Hetty Walker and Dave Bloomquist here for Cemetery Hetty would like to put a booklet together with rules and regulation for the cemetery that people can use as a guideline for what the cemetery allows.

Regular Meeting was called to order by Mayor Hillukka at 6:50 p.m.

2. Changes made to agenda:  Motion by Dorion second by Burton to accept changes to agenda. Motion carries. Motion by Feldman second by Burton to approve May 9th minutes. Motion carries.

3. City Engineer /Dan Johnson:  a) Update on Water Sewer project.  b) There are no grants on natural gas as of now.

4. Attorney: a) Parking ordinance doesn’t need to be updated b) On Parcel pickups the City can tax or require a license with a yearly fee. c) City Attorney advised council to have a new ordinance book done this would get rid of the old ordinances that have been replaced with new ones and make it easier to find something as the current City ordinance book is very old and in bad shape. Motion by Feldman second by Burton to have City Attorney update City ordinance book. All ayes no nays Motion carries.

Meeting recessed at 7:15pm Jim Karas  here about his water line it runs right through someone else’s property and was wondering if a new one could be put in that runs in front of his property City Engineer will look at this . City Meeting back in session 7:25 pm.

5. Employee Report: a) Motion by Dorion  second by Feldman to approve DFA, Lamoure Golf course and Kern- Thompson post#77 American Legion  to renew Yearly Beer & liquor license. Motion carries. Motion by Burton second by Dorion to renew yearly Beer & Liquor License for Corner Bar & Grill and to add outside fenced in area to License with the following condition a smoking shelter is built. Motion carries. b) Auditor let Council know she made calls to building inspectors and only one said they would get back to her. Council thought of few other’s to call about inspecting buildings in town. c)   Fuel tank down at shop is wore out in need of new one .Chales has a good used one for sale.  Motion by Feldman second by Wilmer to purchase the used fuel tank from Chales. Motion carries d) Motion by Feldman second by Dorion to offer professional building cleaning position to Paula Martin .Motion carries

6. Mayor Update: Nothing at this time

7.  Aud. /Admin. Update:  a) May financials reviewed and approved b) June bills reviewed and approved. c) Motion by Dorion second by Wilmer to approve contractor’s application for payment #1 on infrastructure improvement project. Motion carries

8.   Committee Reports:  a) Mayor Hillukka made the following appointments to the Rec board committee

·         Tammi Misson

·         Ronda Warner

Motion by Dorion second by Wilmer to accept Mayors appointments to the Rec Brd committee. Motion carries.

b) City supports the outdoor ice rink Motion by Dorion second by Wilmer to allow Rec board to build outdoor ice rink on the following city property Block 39 lots 14-18 .Motion carries


9. Issues-New & Outstanding: a) City Attorney will look into state laws and requirements regarding golf carts and send letter to business owner about city side walk and keeping it open and storing vehicles on city street need to use own property for this .


Motion by Burke to adjourn at 8:10p.m


By:  Mayor, Warren Hillukka  



Attested to:  Nancy Thompson, Auditor/Administrator