City of Pembina, ND

Oldest Settlement in the Dakota Territories

Official Minutes for October 15, 2019, Pembina City Council Meeting

Council Members Present: Mayor Kyle Dorion, President Ron Fritz, VP Connor Snitker, Cody Carpenter, Allen Huttunen, Melissa Hilliard and Mike Fitzgerald.

 Absent: none

 City Employees Present: Lisa Hall/Auditor, Gary Helland/Public Works Superintendent, Blaine Eisenbeis/Public Works Assistant

City Attorney Present: Rob Fleming

City Engineer Present: Brad Bail


Others present: Darcie Handt, Joe Fuller, Rachel Gornowicz, Mike Miller


Public Portion-6 p.m.

  • Darcie and Joe here to present the council with the ND Cares certificate

  • Rachel and Mike here to discuss the recycling and some extra costs that are happening in the industry. Would like to see a temporary $1.15 per home recycling offset for hard cost.


    Meeting called to order by Mayor Dorion at 6:21 p.m.


    Changes to Agenda


    Motion by Hilliard, second by Fitzgerald to approve the agenda. Ayes all present. Motion carries.

    Motionby Fritz,second by Huttunen to approve September’s minutes. Ayes all present. Motion carries.


    Old Business

  • Spot Bar- Get bids for demolishing and leaving also for hauling off. Lisa will contact Ardis about hauling to Valley Landfill  

  • Siren- Motion by Snitker, second by Carpenter to turn off the twelve and six p.m. siren. Ayes: Fitzgerald, Hilliard, Snitker, Carpenter and Fritz Nayes: Huttunen. Motion carries.


    Engineer Report/Brad Bail  Survey crew will be up coming up to shoot culvert at Gastrak. Recommended flying the entire city and doing lidar mapping.

    Attorney Update / Rob Fleming- Motion by Huttunen second by Carpenter to rescind the 5th Street special assessments on parcel 33-3050140, the Border Patrol Station. Ayes: Huttunen, Carpenter, Hilliard, Fitzgerald and Fritz. Nayes: none. Snitker abstains. Motion carries.


    Employee Report/Concerns-

  • Sanding – Blaine proposed to the council to put the sander in his pickup and he would do the sanding for the city as employee using his own vehicle if he could use sander for his own sand purchased and Gary can use to sand for the city. Sander is too heavy for the old pickup and it will need leaf springs. Call Northern Air for estimates. Motion by Snitker second by Hilliard to install sander on Blaine’s pickup for now until we get pricing from Northern Air. Ayes all present. Motion carries.


  • Sump pumps into sewer- Sump pumps are being discharged directly into the sewer causing an overload on the lift station. Send out a new letter advising residents what damage is possible if the lift station cannot handle the extra load.


  • Emergency Service volunteers/city officials-drives/Cody- Motion by Carpenter second by Snitker to have the city crews clean out the drives of emergency service volunteers (ambulance and fire department members) and city officials and employees after the emergency routes been cleared. Ayes all present. Motion carries.


    Update & Business: Mayor

    Nothing at this time


    Update & Business: Public Works Assistant/Blaine Eisenbeis

  • The August financials and September bills were reviewed and approved.


    Committee Reports:

  • Daycare – Growth committee met with Kacie Huguley and she will be starting at the daycare as soon as possible. She is requesting a 2 year contract with the utilities, wifi and phone paid along with reimbursement for liability insurance. She also would like the city to do the snow removal and mowing both inside and outside of the backyard fence. Motion by Snitker second by Hilliard as long as current provider stays operating the daycare facility the city will never charge them rent and pay for the list requested from Kacie and do snow removal and mowing. Ayes all present. Motion carries. Motion by Huttunen second by Hilliard to reimburse Kacie for liability insurance if it doesn’t work to pay it direct. Ayes all present. Motion carries.

  • Recreation Board/Grandstand-  Lisa spoke with insurance advising them that we do wish to get new bleachers so we no longer only have 180 days to complete. Notes were put in our file and an extension given. Motion by Huttunen second by Hilliard to allow the members of the Pembina Catfish Committee to demolish and burn the grandstand. Ayes all present. Motion carries.



    New Business:

  • PFD-Blaine Eisenbeis- Informed council of the possibility of protesting happening in Pembina due to the pipeline. Also, gave an update on fundraisers, grants and trainings that the fire department are working on.


    Motion to adjourn by Fritz at 7:22 p.m.


By:  Mayor, Kyle Dorion


Attested to:  Lisa Hall, Auditor