City of Pembina, ND

Oldest Settlement in the Dakota Territories

March 11th Meeting Minutes

UnOfficial Minutes for March 11, 2024, Pembina City Budget Meeting and Council Meeting



Date: March 11th, 2024, at 6:00pm

Location: Professional Building

Present: Mayor Mike Fitzgerald, Pat Burton (arrived 6:21), Jeff Watts, Ken Norby, Connor Snitker, Al Huttunen


Guests: Sherri Carattini, Dustin Fanfulik (Widseth), Cole Johnston (Attorney), Keith Needham, Lyndi Needham, Phil Hall, Lisa Rotvold (Red River CHDO)


Public Meeting: 6:00 pm –

  • Phil Hall addressed the Council re: City Clean-Up Day, noting that there was no clean-up day last year and that last fall the council voted to table discussions until spring of 2024. Mr. Hall requested a clean-up for 2024, and volunteered to help when scheduled.
  • Lisa Rotvold addressed the council and provided a handout re: Red River Community Housing Development information. She requested the council to consider creating a forum of local people to participate in a study on how to bring new housing opportunities to Pembina. She also mentioned that the state could provide up to 50% of the costs for new development.


Regular Meeting called to order at 6:13 pm


Changes to Agenda: Add the purchasing of street millings to New Business. Add Lead Line Inventory, Generators, Siren at Lift Station, and Flood 2024 Employee Reports (Korpat). Add discussion of Renee Thomas’ vacant position before Old Business. Add hiring Sherri to work hourly, as needed to help train new city auditor. Motion to approve changes by Huttunen. Seconded by Snitker. All ayes present. Motion carries.


Approval/Changes to February 12th and March 6th Minutes: Motion to approve minutes as presented by Snitker, seconded by Watts. All ayes present. Motion carries.


CITY COUNCIL VACANCY – Ms. Thomas has moved out of the city, thereby creating a vacancy on the council. The council is now required to wait 15 days from this date (3/11/2024) to decide to appoint a temporary member or, since it is less than 6 months before the next election, leave the position vacant. Council members stated they preferred to leave the position vacant until the election in June.


Old Business:               

  • 422 N. 5th St Demolition – Bids

o   Motion by Huttunen to accept any irregularities of bid submissions. Seconded by Snitker. All ayes present. Motion carries.

o   Mayor Fitzgerald opened the bids and read the quotes. Motion by Burton to accept all bids. Seconded by Huttunen. All ayes present. Motion carries.

o   After review and discussion of bids, motion by Huttunen to accept the bid from Thorlakson Construction to complete the work, provided the capping of the sewer is included and that the work is to be completed by September 1st. Seconded by Snitker. All ayes present. Motion Carries. Mr. Johnston stated that attorney’s office will send Thorlakson a Notice of Award of Contract, and a contract will be drawn up to include the sewer-capping clause and completion date. Work can then begin at that time.

  • Garbage/Recycling/Clean Up Day – Huttunen reported that Valley Landfill is planning on scheduling a clean-up day but first they need to work on other, more pressing, issues. The goal will be to get a roll-off dumpster, and to hire some help to collect approved items. A list will be provided.
  • Daycare – Motion to approve Daycare Contract by Watts. Seconded by Snitker. All ayes present. Motion carries. Contract signed by Mayor Fitzgerald.
  • Lagoon – moved to engineer report
  • Automated Water Meter Readers – Sherri provided update the IT preparation is in progress and the next step will be training.
  • Spot Bar Lot – Tabled
  • Mid Central Medical Update – moved to engineer report
  • Northeast Regional Water Feed - tabled
  • Paying Specials – Motion for City to pay off Specials by Snitker. Seconded by Watts. Roll call vote – unanimous. Motion carries. Sherri will reach out to Linda Schlittenhard for pay-off total.


Committee Reports:

  • Fire Department – No Report
  • Rec Board – Rec Board still in violation of state open meeting regulations by not submitting all meeting agendas and minutes to city office. Sherri deposited 2022 mils into their account today.
  • 4th of July Committee – Steel Canopy and Table in South Pembina - tabled


Employees Report/Concerns:

  • Greg – Presented by Mr. Norby

o   Butler Generator invoice – maintenance, no motion required

o   Maguire Painting Quote – tabled

o   Lead Line Inventory – nearing 4/1/2024 deadline. Some people not responding to Greg to get into their homes to complete task.

o   Generators at Community Center and Fire Department – Sherri mentioned that Todd’s Electric came by the office today and stated that generators are installed. The Community Center one was registered; he needs to contact Fire Department to get theirs registered.

o   Siren at Lift Station – old locks were broken to access alarm; new locks were installed. Motherboard ordered to fix the issue.

o   Flood 2024 – no concerns at this time


Engineer Report:

  • Dustin Fanfulik

o   Presented handouts outlining Lagoon Proposal and Flowchart of work completion. Stated that city has applied for SRF funding, but he will look at any available grants that could help with costs.

o   Mentioned that Mid-Central Medical Project is currently on hold.

o   Stutsman St Repair – on hold


Attorney Update: no updates


Update & Business: Mayor – no updates


Update & Business: City Auditor/ Sherri Carattini

  • February Bills & Financials – Motion to approve financials by Burton, seconded by Norby. All ayes present. Motion carries.
  • Delinquent Accounts – certified letters were sent with a shut-off date of Monday, March 18th.


New Business:

  • DFA Condemnation – motion to begin condemnation procedures for property at 601 W. Stutsman (corner of W. Stutsman and 6th St) by Snitker. Seconded by Burton. All ayes present. Motion carries.
  • Summer Help Applicant – motion by Watts to hire LaRochel Steyn for Summer Help position. Seconded by Snitker. All ayes present. Motion carries.
  • Does the city want to purchase millings for alleys? No.
  • Motion by Snitker to hire Sherri Carattini to help train new city auditor, as needed, at a rate of $21.29/hour, starting April 1st. Seconded by Watts. All ayes present. Motion carries.


Adjournment – Motion to adjourn at 7:34 PM by Norby.


By: Mayor, Mike Fitzgerald                                                                       

Attested to: Sherri Carattini, City Auditor



The next city council meeting will be held on April 8th, 2024, at 6:00 pm, in the Professional Building.