City of Pembina, ND

Oldest Settlement in the Dakota Territories

Official Minutes for June 10th, 2019 Pembina City Council Meeting

Council Members Present: President Ron Fritz, VP Connor Snitker, Allen Huttunen, Melissa Hilliard and Mike Fitzgerald


Absent: Mayor Kyle Dorion and Cody Carpenter


City Employees Present:   Lisa Hall, Auditor/Administrator, Gary Helland/Public Works Superintendent

City Attorney Present: Rob Fleming

City Engineer Present: Brad Bail


Others present: Assistant Fire Chief Blaine Eisenbeis, Phil Hall


Public Portion-6 p.m.

Phil here to inquire about the buffalo at the welcome sign. Before meeting started Blaine advised him they will be working on it. Also asked about the website and minutes being put on there. Lisa advised she would get to them when she had a chance in the next week. Assistant Fire Chief Blaine Eisenbeis here to request financial assistance for the fire department. Presented finance sheets and upcoming expenses to help get the department to a better rating.


Meeting called to order by President Fritz at 6:14 p.m.


Changes to Agenda


Add booster lift station and South Pembina shower update under employee concerns. Motion by Huttunen, second by Hilliard to approve changes to agenda. Ayes all present. Motion carries.


Motionby Huttunen,seconded by Fitzgerald to approve May’s minutes. Ayes all present. Motion carries.


Old Business

  • Spot Bar- Tabled.  


    Engineer Report/Brad Bail  Plasticom- Opp Constructions will take care of the debri that was left behind their building. Border lift station-still calling Brad asking questions but they have no exact answers for him on amounts to be put into system. BARR engineering- doing low head damn projects in ND and Brad will have them come to next meeting to give presentation.

    Attorney Update / Rob Fleming- Discussed Gastrak drainage ditch and who has responsibility to pay for repairs. Table until project is complete. Motion by Snitker, second by Hilliard to approve paying the Twamley bill and if at a later time discover it should be Gastrak’s bill we will then charge back to them. Ayes all present. Motion carries  


    Employee Report/Concerns-

  • 4 way stop: We have had multiple suggestions on the corner of Second Street and Stutsman. Motion by Huttunen second by Hilliard to turn the intersection of Second Street and Stutsman Street into a 4-way stop. Ayes all present. Motion carries.


  • Booster lift station- Gary gave an update on the lift station by Fed Ex and repairs that needed to be made. Has requested a contract estimate for yearly maintenance on this.


  • South Pembina shower- The work is now complete and the shower is operational.


    Update & Business: Mayor


    Update & Business: City Auditor

  • The May financials and June bills were reviewed and approved.


  • Zelda raise- Motion by Hilliard second by Fitzgerald to give yearly increase of $50.00 to Zelda Hartje. Ayes all present. Motion carries.


  • Liquor License renewal-   Motion by Fitzgerald, second by Huttunen to approve the yearly liquor license renewals. Ayes all present. Motion carries.


  • White Buffalo Hair Studio- Lindsey has asked for an extension on her reduced rent rate. Motion by Huttunen second by Snitker to offer a reduced rate of $150 per month with a six month lease. Ayes all present. Motion carries.


    Committee Reports:

  • Recreation Board- Mike traveled to Bismarck to give presentation for a grant request submitted by Lisa to Outdoor Heritage Fund. We didn’t make it to round 3 because we had existing structures. The playground is able to be used. We had a poor turnout for the cleanup day and to eat.


  • Fire Department- Assistant Fire ChiefBlaine Eisenbeis discussed grants they have been writing and reviewed the priority items needed to improve ISO rating and future needed items. Motion by Snitker second by Hilliard to give the $12,000 out of fund 242 to the fire department the condition is to apply for 4 grants over the course of a year and if more than $100,000 is received in grant money then they will work to repay the city out of money raised. Ayes all present. Motion carries.


    New Business:

     Motion to adjourn by Hilliard at 7:15 p.m.

    By: President, Ron Fritz

 Attested to: Lisa Hall, Auditor/Administrator