City of Pembina, ND

Oldest Settlement in the Dakota Territories

January 2014 Minutes

City of Pembina

Pembina, North Dakota 58271

152 W. Rolette St.

Official Minutes January 13th, 2014 City Council Meeting




Council Members Present: Mayor Kyle Dorion; Council – John Feldman, Bev Burke, Greg Wilmer, Greg Truax and Debbie Stanhope.

Absent: Dan Waldrop.

City Employees Present: Auditor Nancy Thompson and Public Works Ken Norby.


City Attorney: Rob Fleming.

City Engineer:  Brad Bail.


Others Present: Greg & Corie Koropatnicki, Nancy Feldman, Tina Dorion, Kris Wilwand and Vycki Kostelecky


Meeting: Called to order by acting Mayor Feldman at 6:00 p.m. He asked for the results of the Special Mayor election held on January 7th, 2014. Auditor Thompson let Council know they had 155 voters. The votes went as follows Pat Burton received 57 votes and Kyle Dorion received 97 votes with one write in. Dorion was declared the winner of the Mayor election. Dorion takes oath of office and is sworn in as the new city Mayor. Mayor Dorion takes over meeting.


Public Portion


  • Kris Wilwand – Was here about the transfer of the Corner Bars Liquor and Beer license from Kris to Vycki .Vycki is buying the Bar from Kris. Kris also wanted the Council to take one last look and reconsider giving her a refund of some kind on her water bill from when she first bought the bar.


  • Vycki Kostelecky – Was wondering about turning the part of the Corner that was the Café into an apartment. Fleming let Council know this needs to be referred to the Zoning Committee to discuss and they make a recommendation to the Council.


  • Corie Koropatnicki – Was asking if it was possible for a business or businesses to use the cardboard and paper recycling. The businesses would pay for it like resident do on their monthly utility bill from the city.


Regular Meeting:  Called to order by Mayor Dorion at 6:10 p.m.


  1. Changes / Addition Made Agenda: Mayor - School electronic sign ;  Employees Report - City cell phone, Growth Committee ;  New Business -  Recycling, Water bill Corner Bar, Zoning Corner Café 

        Motion by Feldman,second by Wilmer to accept changes / additions to agenda .Ayes by all present.


2. Approval/ Changes December Minutes:

         Motion by Wilmer,second by Stanhope to approve December minuteswith corrections - Ayes by all present.


3. Old Business:

  • Bret Corneliusen - Another letter will be sent to him by Fleming this timeby Certified Mail. - keep on old business
  • Coin operated Water Station- Still being worked on.- keep on old business
  • Pest detective (dike) - Will contact in spring. - keep on old business
  • Red River approach - Same as last month will fix in spring 2014. - keep on old business
  • Fed Ex Sewer hookup - Haven’t heard if this is done. - keep on old business
  • Community center plaques holders - The shop class at the school is going to make this for the city. This will be discussed further at Februarys meeting  -  Keep on old business                                                        
  • Spot Bar - Keep on old business


  • Ernie Ruet D’auetuil – His house on Rolette has been tore down hauled out and buried. The garage on his property on 3rd St. is on hold till this spring.
  • Additional light at boat ramp – Nancy talked with Warren Hillukka about the light. The concern is on losing the pole and who will pay for a new one. Warren will look into this closer to spring and get back to Nancy. – Keep on old business


4. Engineer Report/Brad Bail:

  • Water/Sewer project (update) - Bail has been in contacted with Louie from Spruce .Louie went through the as builds and still has a quantity discrepancy. Bail would like to work with Thompson, Norby and Fleming to get some final numbers for Spruce .He then would like to meet with Louie from Spruce and go over the number with him Thompson, Norby and Fleming and get this project finished up. Ken is still waiting for new map from this project with all the connections and valve boxes.



5. Attorney Update:

  • Police contract The city has a court serves contract already in place with PE County Court. (See attachment). The city needs one with PE County Commissioners. Sheriff Erovick is meeting with them on the 21st of this month to discuss a contract and price for this.



6. Employees Report/Concerns:

  • Complaints by residents – Discussion was had on residents having complaints and not wantingtheir name given out.  All Council present agreed that unless there’s a name to go with the complaint it will not be brought up or discussed. If there is a name to go with the complaint then it will be discussed.


  • City cell phone – The city cell phone Thompson has was not properly set up. She contacted Verizon and had this fixed. The office phone number along with that cell number will be put in the paper along with the office window hours.


  • Growth Committee – Feldman was wondering if this is the Committee or is there a Committee for new residents in town to obtain information .With a list of service providers like the electric company, phone company with phone numbers and some basic information days of recycling and garbage pickup .This is not part of the Growth Committee .Burke let Council know years ago there was a welcome Committee but that was dissolved and then was handled through the city office.


 7. Update & Business: Mayor

  •  Schools electronic sign – This week the school will be getting estimates for this sign. The March 2012 Council meeting the Council agreed that the city would help with half of the monthly electric bill and maintenance of the sign. A motion was passed to contribute $ 5,000.00 from sales tax (230) to the school to help with the cost of the electronic sign.


8 Update & Business: City Auditor/ Nancy Thompson

  • Dec Financials - Motion by Wilmer,second by Stanhope to approve Dec financials. -Ayes by all present.
  • Jan bills - Motion by Wilmer,second by Stanhope to approve Jan bills. - Ayes by all present.
  • OTPC contract – Need to amend the current contract with OTPC to include the ice rink lights. Motion by Feldman, second by Wilmer to amend the current contract with OTPC to include the ice rink lights. Ayes by all present.


9. Committee Reports: no reports


10. New Business:

  • Liquor & Beer License – Transfer of the Corner Bars Liquor & Beer License from Kris Wilwant to Vycki Kostelecky. Vycki is going to buy the bar from Kris. Motion by Wilmer,second by Stanhope to allow the transfer of the Corner Bars Liquor & Beer License from Kris Wilwant to Vycki Kostelecky. . Roll call vote Ayes Burke, Wilmer, Feldman, Truax and Stanhope. Nays: none. Absent and not voting Waldrop. Motion carries.


  •  Community Center maintenance – The Public worksEmployees are in charge of general maintenance .For more major maintenance issue like heating, cooling or pluming a contractor will be called.




  • Recycling - Discussion was had onbusinesses to use the cardboard and paper recycling and pay for it like resident do on their monthly utility bill from the city. Thompson will get a hold of Ardis with Valley Land fill to get some numbers to see what to charge businesses. This is table until next month so Thompson has time to come up with a fee for this.



  • Corner bar water bill – Kris brought a print out of the Corner bars water bill for the last 3 years to show what her average bill is. After much discussion the Council is going to leave this as is.


  • Zoning– The members of the Zoning Committee discussed turning the part of the Corner that was the Café into an apartment. This is tabled until next month. The Committee would like more time to get the State building and fire code. Fleming will get this information for the Committee. Thompson will but ad in the paper for public hearing on conditional use permit for this.



11. Adjournment: Motion by Burke to adjourn at 7: 30 p.m.





                                                      By: ___________________________________

                                                               Mayor, Kyle Dorion  




Attested to:  _________________________________  


                  Nancy Thompson, Auditor/Administrator