City of Pembina, ND

Oldest Settlement in the Dakota Territories

May 23rd, 2022 Special Meeting Minutes

Special Meeting 6:30 PM

Call to Order

Council members present: Mayor Mike Fitzgerald, President Jeff Watts, VP Ron Fritz, Greg Koropatnicki, Jennifer Martin, Allen Huttunen

City Employees present: Debi Stainbrook


Meeting called to order by Mike Fitzgerald at 6:30pm



  • Flood update. Half of the dike is gone in South Pembina. It is not a certified dike. To fix it, it would have to be out of pocket. The bridge needs to be inspected before removing the temporary wall. At 49 feet, we will see if we can remove half of the wall to open one section. At 48 feet, we will remove the entire temporary wall blocking the road. The river should reach 48 feet this weekend, pending it doesn’t rain. The new pallets for the temporary wall should get sized and cut while the wall is still up. We will store as many sandbags as possible at the museum. We will need to see how many we have left and where else we could store them.  For the crisafulli pump, we only have a 25-foot discharge hose. Additional hoses cost around $3300. The pump was pumping water from South Pembina Friday evening to Sunday around 7pm. Koropatnicki has started tracking hours, expenses, gallons of gas, equipment used, etc in case there is some sort of funding or reimbursement for flood expenses.
  • Summer applications. We received three applications for summer help. Their hours can be flexible between Monday – Friday, 8am-4:30pm (same as office hours). They will not work holidays that are stated in the employee handbook. Motion by Huttunen, seconded by Watts to hire Wes Stainbrook, Jonathan Schiltz, and Kierra Helland for summer help. Ayes all present. Motion carries.
  • Public Works Superintendent position. The mayor received an email from Rob about a temporary hire for the superintendent position. After discussion, and with an application for the position, council passed on the temporary help. We will have another special meeting next Tuesday, May 31st at 6:30pm to discuss the superintendent position and the application.
  • MCI closing. Lindi, Director of Marketing and Public Affairs left a message on the city line and called the mayor confirming the closure of MCI.


Adjournment: Motion to adjourn by Fritz at 7:42pm


By: Mayor, Mike Fitzgerald

Attested to: Debi Stainbrook, City Auditor