City of Pembina, ND

Oldest Settlement in the Dakota Territories

Official Minutes for May 31st, 2018 Pembina City Council Special Meeting

Council Members Present: Mayor Kyle Dorion via phone, President Ron Fritz, Corie Koropatnicki, Connor Snitker via phone and Melissa Hilliard.


Absent: VP Al Huttunen and Cody Carpenter


City Employees Present:  Lisa Hall, Auditor/Administrator & PWS Gary Helland


Meeting called to order by Mayor Dorion at 5:10 p.m.




Motion by Snitker, second by Fritz to go with the 20 year amortization for the bond for Fifth Street project. Roll call: Ayes: Snitker, Koropatnicki and Fritz. Absent and not voting: Hilliard, Huttunen and Carpenter. Motion carries.


Brush Mower

Motion by Snitker, second by Fritz to purchase the 14.5 HP B&S PRO E/S 26” brush mower from Garden Hut. Ayes to all present. Motion carries.


Hilliard arrives at 5:11p.m.


Motion to adjourn by Fritz at 5:13 pm.


By: Mayor, Kyle Dorion


Attested to: Lisa Hall, Auditor/Administrator