City of Pembina, ND

Oldest Settlement in the Dakota Territories

November 2014 Minutes

City of Pembina

Pembina, North Dakota 58271

152 W. Rolette St.

Official Minutes November 10th, 2014 City Council Meeting



Council Members Present; Mayor Kyle Dorion; Council – Allen Huttunen, Greg Wilmer, Ron Fritz, Greg Truax, and Corie Koropatnicki


Absent: – Dan Waldrop and, Brad Bail

City Employees Present: Auditor Nancy Thompson, PWS Gary Helland by phone

City Attorney: Rob Fleming.

City Engineer:   Nate Dalager w/ HDR


  • Others Present
  • Regular Meeting:  Called to order by Mayor Dorion at 6:00 p.m.


  1. Changes / Addition Made Agenda:      

          Motion by Wilmer second by Huttunen to accept changes / additions to agenda. - Ayes by all present / additions to agenda


  2.  Approval/ Changes Oct Minutes:

      Motion by Fritz second by Truax to approve the Oct 13th minutes.Ayes by all present.


  1. Old Business:
  • Bret Corneliusen - Left a pile of stuff out on the curb by his house. Nancy will see if she can find a current address for him. Then a letter can be sent about taking care of the pile by curb.


  • City cell phone – The cell phone contract was ended last month sodiscussion on cell phone reimbursement for employees was had since there using their personal phones:  Motion by Huttunen second by Fritz to reimburse employees $ 30.00 each a month for cell phones with Gary getting an extra $10.00 a month for insurance on his phone Ayes, Fritz, Wilmer, Truax, Koropatnicki and Huttunen Nays: none .Absent and not voting Waldrop. Motion carried.


  • Levee –- Nate Dalager the levee project:  Motion by Wilmer second by Huttunen to approve contractor’s application for payment estimate #4. Ayes, Fritz, Wilmer, Truax, Koropatnicki and Huttunen Nays: none. Absent and not voting Waldrop. Motion carried. Motion by Huttunen second by Truax to advertise for re-bid Alt 2A earthwork & seeding. With bid opening January 12th, 2015 @ 5:30 p.m. before the Council meeting. Ayes, Koropatnicki, Huttunen, Wilmer, Fritz and Truax and Nays: none. .Absent and not voting Waldrop. Motion carried.
  •  Talked about levee wall and in the future contacting UND& NDSU art programs to see if they would be interested in painting a mural on it .Council would like any change orders there are to be included in their packets if received before packets go out.


  • Engineer Report/Brad Bail: Absent Council would like Nancy to contact Brad on a price cost for a city street evaluation from worst in shape to best.


5. Attorney Update:

  • Parcel Pick-up- Discussed the semi traffic in town and how S.PE. Bridge and city streets will hold up. Rob will contact the county about the weight limit on the bridge and traffic cams. Nancy will contact the new sheriff asking him to attend Dec meeting. Motion by Fritz second by Koropatnicki for no semi-truck traffic on S. PE. Bridge. Ayes, Fritz, Truax, Koropatnicki and Huttunen Nays: Wilmer .Absent and not voting Waldrop. Motion carried.
  • City Property- Closing the ally that runs east & west between the ice rink and Mike’s warehouse. Rob will draft up the resolution for this. . Motion by Huttunen second by Fritz that there needs to be a metes & bounds survey done and paid for by the party wanting to purchase city owed property. Ayes, Fritz, Wilmer, Truax, Koropatnicki and Huttunen Nays: none .Absent and not voting Waldrop. Motion carried.








6. Employees Report/Concerns -Gary by phone

  • Yard waste – Nancy will call Ardis and see if the landfill will still take yard waste along with branches and trees and if they still have a truck for hauling stuff. Tabled till next month’s meeting
  • Street signs- A lot of signs that need replacing. Council would like Gary to compile a list of signs from worst to best and cost to fix them for Dec meeting.
  • Speed bumps- Will be taken off for snow removal.


  • Insurance contribution increase -   This is taxable income. Discussion was had on increasing their contribution to employees for out of pocket premium for insurance Huttunen made a motion to increase it by a $100.00. Motion died due to no second.


  • PW position - Council discussed with Gary how things are going. Gary said things are going well the only thing Council is worried about is snow removal and if Lyle is over his hours.
  • Customer Services - Koropatnicki discussed the importance of being professional and courteous when speaking to a resident on a city matter. .





7. Update & Business: Mayor -




8 Update & Business: City Auditor/ Nancy Thompson

  • Oct 2014 Financials - financials reviewed and approved.
  • Nov 2014 bills bills reviewed and approved


9. Committee Reports:

Growth Committee -Discussed newly reformed committee and they will be having a public meeting with free food on Nov19th @ 6p.m. –Growth committee recommends to the council that if you’re a new sales taxable business in Pembina you get free water & sewer up to $100.00 a month for 12 months. Huttunen moves to adopt the recommendation from the growth committee for the incentive of 12 months free water & sewer (up to $100.00 per month) for new sales taxable businesses Fritz seconds. Ayes, Fritz, Truax, Koropatnicki and Huttunen Nays: Wilmer .Absent and not voting Waldrop. Motion carried.


  • 10. New business- none
  • 11. Adjournment:

  Motion by Fritz to adjourn at 8:20 p.m.



             By:  ___________________________________

                  Mayor, Kyle Dorion





Attested to:  _________________________________  

                    Nancy Thompson, Auditor/Administrator