City of Pembina, ND

Oldest Settlement in the Dakota Territories

October 19, 2010 special meeting

City of Pembina

Pembina, North Dakota 58271

152 W. Rolette St.

Official Special Meeting Minutes October 19th 2010 City Council Meeting


Attendance: Mayor Warren Hillukka Council Beverly Burke, John Feldman, & Greg Wilmer

Absent: Pat Burton, Kyle Dorion, Debbie Stanhope

Present: Aud. /Adm. Nancy Thompson

Others Present: Brian Williams, Joy Hillukka, Michelle Helland, Pembina Ambulance, Nate Dalager HDR Engineer

Public Portion: None present

Special Meeting was called to order by Mayor Hillukka 5:00p.m

1. Engineer /: Nate Dalager gave a presentation on what HDR has done so far on the levee recertification also went over the Deficiency report  on flood Protection System Recertification .

2. Pembina Ambulance: council had discussed the august 24th 2009 meeting that says the City agrees to back the Ambulance no motion on the dollar amount in the Minutes .Joy Hillukka gave her recap of a city meeting she attended in which she presented a plan with a budget to the Council and told the Council the Ambulance would need between $40, 000 to 50,000 a year to keep the Ambulance here and they agreed to help the Ambulance .After further discussion on this topic a Motion by Wilmer and Second by Feldman that on a temporary basis sales tax fund 229 of ½ % will be allocated to the Pembina Ambulance . Absent and not voting, Burton, Dorion and Stanhope .Motion carries .The City has given the Pembina Ambulance $19,500 to date from sales tax.

3. Issues-New & Outstanding: Mayor let Council know that he had meet with Doc Johannesson on Friday the 16th of October .Doc gave him a update on progress of the Little Shell Tribe with the Casino. The Mayor was also given a response from the Little Shell Tribe to the letter the City sent with question they had on the Casino.

 Motion by Burke to adjourn at 6:45p.m.


By: Warren Hillukka, Mayor


Attested to:  Nancy Thompson, Auditor/Administrator