City of Pembina, ND

Oldest Settlement in the Dakota Territories

Minutes of June 5, 2006 Council Meeting

Attendance: Beverly Burke, Pat Burton, John Feldman, Rick Senum, Nancy Thompson, Kyle Dorion, Mayor Warren Hillukka. Absent: none

Present: Kathy Johnson, Auditor/Admin., Dan Johnson, WSN, Attorney Neil Fleming

Others present: Scott Humble, Ken Norby, Dean Warner, Peggy Reimer, Jerry Lyons

Public Hearing called to order at 7:05 p.m., by Mayor Hillukka.

· S. Humble – reported on furnace trouble in Professional Building.

· D. Warner – presented a quote to replace the 4200 JD mower tractor with a new 2520 series JD.

· P. Reimer appeared on behalf of the Spot & Corner Bars, wishing to do a "Party Out Back" as a joint effort in August. Concerns of the council at this time would include: No access to minors, availability of bathroom facilities, and no glass outside. A snow fence would be acceptable as long as it’s secure.

Regular Meeting called to order at 7:35

1. Changes to agenda: terminal evergreens.

2. Motion by Feldman, second by Burton, to approve all May minutes as printed. Motion carried unanimously.

3. City Attorney Update: a) Shade Tree Ordinance first reading. b) 19 of 21 properties have the final title opinion. c) City council salaries are currently paid per month, and not per meeting.

4. Employee Report: a) Review of staff and auditor goals/priority lists. b) Lagoon has significant erosion following flooding. Twamley figures $5,000 to fix if we can find the clay. Rip rap needed for interior. c) Main dike sloughing on interior side between Brethren Church and Kneeshaw’s. Could be $200 to 2,000 for each slough (there are 9) plus the old railroad bed is sunk. d) Third issue is S. Pembina dike, with estimate of $2,000 to move/repair it. A borrow pit in S. Pembina could be used to bury tree ash, sludge, and street sweepings. Motion by Burton, second by Dorion, to establish borrow pit in S. Pembina, to be fenced in. Motion carried unanimously e) Pumps by Walker’s need checking/repair. Norby will call for estimates. f) Final pipes for rural water connection being installed, but water tower pressure may be a continual issue. g) Golf Course will take 6 to 8 hours to mow roughs. h) Engineer Johnson reported dike elevation surveys are due, costing approximately $3,800. Motion by Feldman, second by Senum, to have WSN survey both lagoon & dikes. Motion carried unanimously.

5. Mayor’s Update: a) W/S/G – figures indicate losses in water with increased pumping and decreased payments per month. Office will do complete audit. Following discussion of other avenues to increase collections, motion was made by Feldman, seconded by Dorion, to require working meters on ALL outlets. Motion carried unanimously.

b) Mayor appointed Iran Johnson to the Library Board, replacing Linda Baldock. Motion by Feldman, second by Burton, to approve the appointment. Motion carried unanimously. c) Mosquito bids were not all hourly based. Motion by Dorion, seconded by Thompson, to hire bidder Gerry Lyons as mosquito sprayer at $12.92/hr. Motion carried unanimously. d) Motion by Dorion, second by Thompson, to hire Kim Norby and Pete Huttenen as summer help as needed. Motion carried unanimously. e) Contract for Community Center has two phases. Motion by Burton, second by Senum, to sign the contract following approval of attorney. Motion carried unanimously. f) June 27 will be the reorganization meeting.

6. Auditor’s Report: a) May collections/disbursements and general ledgers reviewed & approved. b) June bills to be paid approved. c) 2003/2004 Audit report reviewed. d) Resolution for Bond for City Auditor tabled.

7. Committee Reports: a) Growth – Motion by Thompson, second by Senum, to grant no further extension to renters. Voting aye: Burton, Dorion, Feldman, Senum & Thompson. Nay: Burke. Motion carried.

b) Building/Zoning –Motion by Thompson, second by Dorion, to accept the Griffith application for exemption as approved by Assessor. Motion carried unanimously.

c) Recreation Board – Garbage cans missing from campground. Many things to do!

8. Notice that some trees need removal: evergreens and poplar. Shade Tree Committee to meet with a consultant in June.

9. Motion to adjourn by Burke at 9:40 p.m.

By: Warren Hillukka, Mayor

Attested to: K. Johnson, Auditor/Administrator