City of Pembina, ND

Oldest Settlement in the Dakota Territories

Minutes of Sept. 11, 2007 City Council Meeting

City of Pembina

Pembina, North Dakota 58271

152 W. Rolette St.


Attendance:  Mayor Warren Hillukka Council:  Beverly Burke, Kyle Dorion, John Feldman, Nancy Thompson, Debbie Stanhope.  Absent: none 

Present: Ken Norby, Engineer Dan Johnson, Attorney Neil Fleming, Aud./Adm. Kathy Johnson

Others Present:  Pat Burton, Hetty Walker, Officer Chris Benson


Public Hearing Called to order at 7:00 by Mayor Hillukka. 

  • Walker passed out brochures for Red River Basin Commission’s workshop in January

 Regular meeting called to order @ 7:05. 

1.  Changes made to agenda – Pat Burton took oath of office.  Add tax exemption application, Shade Tree Committee and Northwood.


2.  Motion by Feldman, second by Dorion to approve August 13 minutes as printed. Motion carried unanimously.


3.  City Attorney Update:  a) Bid results brought forth.  Motion by Feldman, second by Thompson, to accept bids.  Motion carried unanimously.  b)  Motion by Feldman, second by Thompson, to accept the resolution authorizing the project (see attached).  Voting aye: Feldman, Thompson, Dorion, Stanhope, Burke and Burton.  Voting nay:  none.  Motion carried.  c) Motion by Feldman, second by Dorion, to approve Interstate Paper Company’s request for tax exemption at 80% for the first year, continuing at 60% the second year, 40% the third year, and 20% the fourth year.  Motion carried unanimously.


4.  Employee Report:  a) Goals/priorities reviewed.  b) Will request an official response from North Valley Rural Water about colored water provided to city.  c)  Motion by Burton, second by Dorion to order replacement of lift station floats and explosion-proof light.  Motion carried unanimously. 


5.  Mayoral Update:  Correspondence shared .


6.  Aud./Admin. Update:  a) Aug. financials reviewed and approved.  b) Sept. bills reviewed and approved with the exception that door replacement will be paid by the Recreation Board.  c) Council confirmed that a “minimum” bill includes garbage...no exceptions.  d)  Motion by Feldman, seconded by Burton, to give summer employees a $.25 bonus for work done.  Motion carried unanimously

e) Preliminary budget meeting set for Sunday, Sept. 16 @ 8 p.m.


7.  Committee Reports:   a) Recreation – meeting to be scheduled. b) Landfill –looking into joining MarKit Landfill.  c) Growth Committee – no meeting in August. 

d) Shade Tree Committee – plans to hold Arbor Day at the museum Sept. or early Oct., and is offering to pay half for any trees planted in Pembina in Sept. or Oct. (conditions apply)


8.  New Issues – a) Northwood disaster – Motion by Feldman, second by Dorion, to donate $2,500 from Growth funds to disaster relief.  Motion carried unanimously. b) Norby given permission to attend the fall conference for continuing education. 


9.  Motion to adjourn by Burke at 8:35 p.m.                   



    By:   Mayor Warren Hillukka


Attested to:  Kathy Johnson, Auditor/Administrator