City of Pembina, ND

Oldest Settlement in the Dakota Territories

City of Pembina

Pembina, North Dakota 58271


Minutes of January 7, 2002 Council Meeting


Attendance:   Council:  Thomas Manley, John Feldman, Wayne Schafer, Richard Senum, Beverly Burke, Warren Hillukka, Mayor Pat Burton.  Absent: none.

Present: City Attorney Neil Fleming (attendance at regular mtg.) K. Johnson, Aud./Adm.

Others Present: Judge G. Klabo, George Motl, Crystal Volk, Jim Morris, Kevin McGauvran.


Meeting called to order 7:00 P.M. by Mayor Burton.

Public Hearings:

  • C. Volk – Request for payment of sewer repair had been denied, though an initial approval was made. WFW Engineer had appeared, notifying the council that maintenance of the sewer is typically the homeowner’s responsibility, as it is placed for their convenience. No further action taken by the council.
  • J. Moris & K. McGauvran – Would the city like to purchase the Rodeo property? Division of the property would render it useless for farming. Discussion led to no action by council at this time.
  • J. Bergeson letter – Motion by Hillukka, second by Burke, to refund ½ of payment, as stated amount was minimum. Roll call vote – 100% aye.


1. Changes made to agenda – Tractor, Christmas Trees, Whistle

2. Minutes: Motion by Feldman, second by Senum to approve December minutes as corrected. Motion carried.

3. Judges Report: One check is being held as the original ticket has not been turned in.

4. Employee Report: A. George a) planning to retire at the end of this year. Would like help with insurance as pension is so small. Any new employee will need a Class 2 license to run the plant independently (this takes three years to complete). b) bolt sheared at intake pump. Running on one pump now. c) Treatment pit is needing cleaning under catwalk. Would have to drain to clean out. d) Fuel tank trouble has two solutions: move the pump to ground level, or get a second pump.

        B. Old shed needing roof work – suggest tin. Ken to get estimates.

        C. Riprap wanted by county. Not approved.

        D. Union evicted from MCI property. Motion by Senum, second by Manley, to rent the NW basement room of the community center at $50/month. With the event fee dropped to $20. Motion carried.

        E. Council approved hiring a community center custodian at $8.00/hour with a $50 monthly minimum.

5. City Attorney Update: Received report from Cook, Wegner & Wike. Will copy and forward to city.

6. Mayoral Update: a) Presented resignations from Nita Warner from Library Board and Dan Anderson from Recreation Board. Resignations accepted, and appointed Lee Jarus to Library Board. Council approval noted.

      b) Set meeting date for Thursday, Jan. 31 as session for council to discuss City Engineer, 6 p.m. at city offices. Auditor to notify applicants.

7. Aud./Adm. Update: a) December collections/disbursements, and Jan. bills to be paid presented and approved. Still working on end-of-year report.  b ) Motion by Feldman, second by Burke, to approve Pledge of securities as presented by Citizen State Bank. Roll call vote: 100% aye. c ) Council approved City Auditor’s request for health insurance benefit, as per employee manual. d ) Council encouraged Auditor to attend Marketplace 2002 in Grand Forks.

8. Committee reports:

     a ) Recreation Board: Santa Day a hit. Contact school re: skating rink location.

     b ) Growth Committee: Rick Senum new chairman. Welcome packets in the works. Will try to be more focused.

9. Issues: a ) Equipment for tractor – Ken to get prices for snowblower and/or mower. b ) Complaint of siren from RR workers. No change planned. c ) Christmas trees – City to take care of these.

10. Motion to adjourn by Burke at 10:15 p.m.


  By: Pat Burton, Mayor

Attested to : K. Johnson, City Aud/Adm