City of Pembina, ND

Oldest Settlement in the Dakota Territories

November 13, 2018 council

Official Minutes for November 13th, 2018 Pembina City Council Meeting

Council Members Present: President Ron Fritz, Melissa Hilliard, Allen Huttunen, Cody Carpenter and Mike Fitzgerald


Absent: Mayor Kyle Dorion, VP Connor Snitker


City Employees Present:   Lisa Hall, Auditor/Administrator, Gary Helland/Public Works Superintendent, Blaine Eisenbeis/Public Works Assistant


City Attorney Present: Rob Fleming

City Engineer Present: Brad Bail


Others present: George Christenson, Del Huttunen, Ilona, Jerry and Martina Lyons, Krissy Hannesson


Public Portion

George and Del here to request funds from the city for the golf course. They are approximately $3,000 short for year-end since there was some unexpected costs, new deck and a cooler went down.

Martina here inquiring about the old pasture that the city just acquired.


Meeting called to order by President Fritz at 6:09 p.m.


Changes to Agenda


Add snow removal to employee concerns and add Martina to employee concerns with the golf course, add ambulance under committee reports. Motion by Hilliard, second by Huttunen to approve changes to agenda. Ayes all present. Motion carries.


Motionby Hilliard, seconded by Huttunen to approve October’s minutes with changes; Ayes all present. Motion carries.


Old Business

  • Levee-Tabled.


  • Bret Corneliusen –Tabled.


  • Ernie D’auetuil – Tabled.


  • Spot Bar- Tabled. Lisa sent in an application to Brownsfield but demolition does not qualify.


  • No Parking on 5th St S.-(A.H.) - Tabled. Al has not had a chance to look into this further.


    Engineer Report/Brad Bail  Brad gave update on the 5th Street project. Taking care of last of punch list.


    Attorney Update / Rob Fleming-Gave options on the Ames house. Recommends designating a building inspector for this limited purpose. A letter will need to be sent to the last known mailing address instructing them to clean it up. Motion by Huttunen second by Hilliard to appoint Gary and Blaine as building inspectors for this one building. Ayes all present. Motion carries. Motion by Huttunen, second by Hilliard to give seven days to complete clean up after the letter is delivered via certified mail. Ayes by all present. Motion carries.


    Employee Report/Concerns-

  • Jerry Lyons: Presented the costs of the repairs to his house on Rolette Street. Jerry and Gary gave explanation of damage and repair. Council requested Jerry bring in the actual receipts. Table until next meeting.


  • Golf course/Martina: On the request from Martina the golf course will discuss at their upcoming meeting. The request for funds will be discussed at the recreation board meeting on Friday.


  • Snow removal: Gary wondering if he can bring Oivind back as needed for snow removal. Motion by Carpenter, second by Huttunen to rehire Oivind for the winter. Ayes by all present. Motion carries.


    Update & Business: Mayor


    Update & Business: City Auditor

  • The October financials and November bills were reviewed and approved.


  • Maxwell house update- We have taken back the deed to the house because the purchase agreement was not completed. Lisa has submitted an application for assistance in asbestos testing to Brownsfield.

  • Ames house- Discussed under attorney.


    Committee Reports:

  • Daycare- Taylor has quit and currently seeking someone to take over.


  • Ambulance- Huttunen had a couple suggestions for extra funds for ambulance. One is adding a fee to the monthly utility bill or possibly offer the on call volunteers incentives on their water bill.


    New Business:


    Motion to adjourn by Hilliard at 7:28 p.m.


By: President, Ron Fritz


Attested to: Lisa Hall, Auditor/Administrator