City of Pembina, ND

Oldest Settlement in the Dakota Territories
Do I need a building permit?  Any building project, remodeling, addition, demolition, or renovation (not redecorating) which will cost over $500 (in materials and/or contract fees) to complete must have a building permit. This includes new siding, shingles, fences, decks, or windows.

How do I obtain a building permit form?  Come to the city office at 152 W. Rolette Street to ask for one, click on the document below, or e-mail pcityoffice@polarcomm.com.

What is the procedure to get a permit approved?  The one-page permit is filled out, detailing you name, address, and details about your project. For new structures and additions, a drawing of such must accompany the permit request. If the project appears to be well within city building code, upon payment of $5.00, the city auditor/administrator can sign the permit. If there would be any questions about the limitations of the building code, the auditor/administrator may refer the permit to the Building and Zoning Committee.

Why are building permits required for new siding, shingles, and windows? Aren’t those maintenance issues?  Yes, those are maintenance issues, and as such will not affect the taxable value of your property (as long as square footage is not affected, per City Council, April 2002). However, there has been confusion about what maintenance consists of and what it does not, therefore all work over $500.00 is required to have a permit.

How long is a building permit good for?  A building permit remains active for one year. If you do not begin your intended renovation within a year of receiving the permit, a new permit must be obtained.

Where can I access the State Building Code?    Right here!  The link is: North Dakota (ndbuild.com) Contained in this document are state amendments to each of the Four International Codes (Int'l. Building Code, Int'l. Residential Code, Int'l. Fuel Gas Code, and Int'l. Mechanical Code), along with a brief history of the code, how to obtain copies of the four International Codes, the state law for the State Building Code, applicability (scope) of the State Building Code, the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines Conformance Statement, and the adopted amendments to each of the four International Codes. 

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